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Plumbing News, Tips and Advice - Page 7

Top 10 Common Plants That Can Cost You Thousands

Spring has officially sprung (in the southern hemisphere anyway) and with that people are starting to garden and plant new plants. But most people don't take into account their plumbing when planting until it's too late. Whilst all trees have root systems than can be potentially dangerous to plumbing, some are much more likely than other.

Plants can't be all to blame though, the root system of a plant is designed to track down moisture, and that's exactly what plumbing transports, moisture. There are some types of plants that you should avoid planting near your plumbing.

10 Things You Shouldn't Flush, But Probably Do

People everywhere flush things down the toilet that should never have been flushed, whether it's to dispose of something disgusting, hide something embarrassing or give your beloved gold fish the send-off he deserves people have flushed some extremely unusual things down toilets in the past. Whilst all these things seem small enough to go down the drain, as soon as you have a crack, a rough surface or anything in your pipe these items can get snagged or hooked on, they become an ever growing blockage that needs to be fixed. Now Jetset Plumbing list the 10 things you shouldn't flush, but probably do.

Brisbane’s Big Water Price Changes How To Minimise Cost

With Brisbane water prices set to rise by more than $80 per year in some places, residents are looking for ways to try and save water and money everywhere they can. Queensland Urban Utilities recently announced their 2014-2015 pricing scheme with southeast Queensland residents set to be hit by between a 4.3 and 6.4 percent price hike this year.

Home Buyers Guide to Plumbing

If you’re buying a new home there’s a good chance you’ll get a Building & Pest Inspection. However little do most new home owners know plumbing is not adequately covered in these inspections and can open you up to a whole range of unexpected expenses. Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections root out any problems in your new homes plumbing system before you sign the dotted line. Read our free eBook Home Owners Guide to Plumbing and learn whats covered

Jetset Plumbing X-Ray Vision, Drain Cameras!

Jetset Plumbing uses Drain Cameras and High Pressure Water Jetters to diagnose and clear blocked drains. The most innovative blocked drain diagnosis technology is the CCTV Drain Camera, when we go out to a blocked drain the first thing we do is find out what is causing the blockage to do this we feed a CCTV drain camera down the pipe.

Read this before you use a Drain Snake or Electric Eel

There are a lot of plumbers that still use the older Electric Eel (also known as a plumbers snake or a drain snake) method today and only few that use a High Pressure Water Jetter, but which is the better choice to clear a blocked drain an Electric Eel or a High Pressure Water Jetter this is a common question asked when a blocked drain or clogged drain becomes a problem. In this article we will compare the two based on time, cost and effectiveness.

Solar Hot Water Rebate Canned

On the 28th of February 2012 the Federal Government announced that the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme was over.

Gold Coast Floods 2012 Causing Many Plumbing Problems

The heavy rain and flooding this January, 2012 is causing all kinds of plumbing problems due to the pressure on pipes and drainage.

Home Buyers are left in the dark without a Plumbing Inspection

Unfortunately most home buyers don't even know what a pre purchase plumbing inspection is and when asked if they have had their plumbing inspected they say yes we got the building inspection done before we bought the house.

Blocked toilet filled with tree roots!

Every day the plumbers at Jetset Plumbing clear blocked drains caused by tree roots infiltrating the pipe joints in search of water. These tree roots are so strong that they can even collapse the pipe itself! The photo you can see to the left is a blocked toilet caused by tree roots. Unfortunately there are no preventative measures besides cutting down trees near pipes, which in most cases is illegal and expensive. We always recommend replacing the piece of damaged pipe as it is the most permanent fix and may never experience the problem again in that section of pipe.

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