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pipe relining from Jetset Plumbing

What Kind of Trees Can Invade Sewer Pipe Lines?

Trees in residential and commercial areas create pleasant environments that provide shade, create enjoyable views and provide privacy. However, what is often not taken into consideration by homeowners is the extent of damage that can be caused by trees to sewer pipes. The roots of many trees can invade and strangle pipes in search for water and they are strong enough to even break through a pipe to reach a water source! By the time this has happened, many will only realise there’s a problem when there is a drain that is overflowing or backing up.

So just how do tree roots get into pipes? In order to survive, all trees need to spread their roots to both ensure that they will be able to withstand strong winds as well as be able to find nutrients, water and oxygen. Sewer lines are the perfect place for tree roots to find a constant supply of everything they need to thrive, particularly in the drier months. The roots that invade pipes are usually the same thickness as a strand of hair and over time, more offshoots are created meaning that there will be less and less space for waste to travel freely through the pipes.

Australian Gum Tree Roots are Some of the Major Destroyers of Sewer Pipes

Over the years, we have seen that native Australian gum trees are some of the biggest destroyers of sewer systems and pipes. Gum trees (or eucalyptus trees) are tall trees and have adapted to our harsh climate by having spreading roots that can travel up to 30 metres away from the tree in search for food. Adding to this, gum tree roots are typically more shallow than other tree roots. This can cause further problems in rainy or windy weather because the shallow depth makes it much easier for the trees to fall over – tearing up soil and any pipes that they have sunk their roots into…

Here is a list of some more HIGH-RISK trees:

  • Camphor Laurel
  • Fig Trees
  • Poplars
  • Willow Trees
  • Jacarandas
  • Australian White Cedar
  • Elm Trees
  • Bottlebrush Trees 
Australian Gum Tree

What to do When Tree Roots Have Made Their Way Into Your Pipes

So, what happens if roots have already found their way into your pipes? This is where Jetset Plumbing is here to help, all our plumbers are trained and equipped with the very best equipment to dislodge the roots and repair your pipe system. High pressure water jetters will be used to cut through the roots that have blocked the pipe and then a camera will be inserted to assess the condition of the pipe and what the next step should be. In most cases, we can repair your pipe by relining it with material that leaves your pipe stronger than it was to begin with!

If all this information has come too little too late for you, and your pipes are backing up, it is best to call a licensed blocked drain plumber to help you immediately.

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