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How Much Does It Cost To Clear A Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain in your home is really annoying, but above all, it can be concerning and have higher priority more than anything. Some of the biggest questions that come to mind and that we are frequently asked are:

"How bad is this and can it be fixed today?"

"Is this any easy or major job?"

"How much is this going to cost me?"

Most people opt for the cheaper route out and try to go sort it out themselves, this may work for small blockages but if it is a bigger blockage, time is of the essence.

It is better to get onto your local plumbers sooner rather than later so that this problem can be assessed and solved quickly.

How much to clear a blocked drain?

A number of things can cause a drain to become blocked, the most common being; an overload of toilet paper, a build-up of grease, children’s toys, tree roots and incorrect installation.

As a rule of thumb to follow by, if it is not toilet paper, waste or water – it shouldn’t be going down the toilet or the drain. Some of the things our plumbers in the field of come across are: air fresheners, underwear, beer cans and silicon.

The cost of clearing a blocked drain vary greatly. It all depends on the nature of each job, the severity of the blockage, how complex removal is and how long the plumber will be required to stay at the job. The cheapest removal of a blockage is a basic blocked toilet as these can be removed quite quickly.

However, most blockages require more equipment such as a CCTV drain camera or a high pressure jetter. The more severe the block, the more expensive it will be to remove.

Blocked pipes

If you are having any trouble with your plumbing or blocked pipes and drains, get in touch with Jetset Plumbing today. We will be able to help no matter how small or large the job is, we guarantee: no call out fees, 100% workmanship guarantee and a full clean-up when your plumber has finished.

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