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Do you need a new toilet cistern or a complete toilet replacement?

Is your toilet leaking? Is your toilet blocked?

Jetset Plumbing are specialists in repairing and installing toilets. And if your toilet is clogged - we'll unblock it and get it flowing again!

We service Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Toilet Plumbing - $0 Call Out Fee
Toilet Plumbing - 100% Workmanship Guarantee
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Unblock a blocked toilet
Fix a leaking toilet
Repair a running toilet
Replace cisterns
Replace valves
Install new flush mechanisms
Install new toilets
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Toilet brands we recommend include:

Toilet brands

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Had Kane and Kye come out to quote for a busted toilet pipe. Not only did the quote end up cheaper than a few other companies, but they had the pipe repaired within 3 days of booking the job. Can't recommend the team at Jetset highly enough!
These guys are so professional, and not only did they fix our toilets they gave us some handy tips, so it doesn't reoccur. I met 5 different guys over 3 days and they were such beautiful lads. Highly recommend 👌
Jaidyn was super nice and friendly; turned up on time and had my toilet fixed within 2hrs (which included going to get the parts). Also gave quotes on a couple of other plumbing issues, with no pressure to book in a date. Will definitely use this company again.
Andrew did a fantastic job. He came to quote for installation of 2 new toilets and was able to quote, and do the job on the day. Great product, Andrew cleaned up great. Very happy, would recommend.
Ben and Rhys did a great job repairing an old toilet and replacing a kitchen mixer. New parts acquired across multiple days to suit a tricky job and all done with a smile.
It was so fortunate to see the website of Jetset Plumbing when we needed a repair to the toilet. On contact, the telephone staff were excellent - clear and knowledgeable. Jaidyn, the plumber, arrived on time, quickly suggested a solution to the problem, provided a quote and repaired the toilet. Overall, Jaidyn struck us as efficient and very pleasant. Many thanks for a job well done.
Exceptional service, expertise and advice from James. He unblocked one of our toilets with ease, after I spent a considerable amount of time trying to do it myself. Would recommend Jetset Plumbing to anyone looking for value for money and great service.
We recently took possession of our apartment and had Mike look over all the tap and toilet fixtures, we needed three new taps which Mike changed over at a very reasonable price, I would recommend him as your go to plumber.
I tried to fit a toilet cistern to our bathroom, thinking it would be a simple job, (my wife said you should get a plumber) when I had finished I stood back and admired my handywork, ha I thought get a plumber she said, well to cut a long story short, i got 14 flushes out of it before it fell off the wall and flooded the toilet and the hall way with blue loo! while listening to a voice behind me say " I told you to get a plumber" so I got onto Jetset plumbing and talked to a lovely lady who booked me in for the next day, I received a phone call from Andrew the next day and told the time he would be at my place. Andrew fixed up my toilet and my wife is back to talking to me again. I could not fault Jetset plumbing from the moment I made contact to the efficient and professional work completed by Andrew. Jetset plumbing are now my company of choice for plumbing and electrical repairs and i have no hesitation at all in referring them to my friends and family. Great work! Great service. Best regards Gary Thompson.
Jetset Plumbing, and Rylee, are fantastic. We had problems with a toilet gurgling and slow drain rates last year. Phoned Jetset Plumbing and Rylee came out. He had to install a new access point, and then identified that the pipe had bowed and that was causing the issues. A quick quote (which was competitive) and Rylee came back out with a team of people to dig up and replace that section of pipe. That was a year ago, and as part of the service Jetset Plumbing have just last month sent someone out free of charge for an annual inspection to make sure the pipe is still good. We've been through a few trades since buying our house (where we've just had people not show up, or just not respond when we try to get them to come do additional jobs later). We've used both Jetset Plumbing and now Jetset Electrical and both teams are fantastic and reliable.
We would like to thank Rhys for his professionalism and courtesy, while installing our new toilets and would recommend them for all plumbing needs.
Ben was very professional and helpful, sorted out the plumbing issues with my toilet quickly and promptly.
Top 9 Reasons Why More Locals Choose Jetset Plumbing!

1 Our Gold Medal Service
More and more locals are leaving 5 star reviews on Google explaining their great experiences with Jetset Plumbing.

2 No Call Out Fees
Never had them, never will! You should never pay for travel.

3 Fixed Flat Rates
You always know exactly what the job price is BEFORE we undertake any work.

4 Our Famous Promotions
We have run so many AMAZING promotions over the years and they keep getting better! We are proud to say we have changed some of our customers lives!

5 Fully Licenced Plumbers
This is an obvious one! We do not send apprentices to your job. Only licenced plumbers with years of experience.

6 Charitable Contributions
Jetset Plumbing gives back to our local communities as they are the people who keep us in a job!

7 Quality Workmanship Guarantee
Peace of mind that we will return if something goes wrong.

8 10% Pensioner and Senior Discounts
Because every little bit helps!

BONUS Reason:

9 Jetset Plumbing sponsor World Vision
Proceeds from every job are donated to World Vision for less fortunate people around the world. Locals know that the company they use serves a much larger purpose and is helping make a difference.

Toilet plumber installing a toilet

Common Issues With Toilets.

My toilet keeps running.

After a flush, your toilet should stop running water once the toilet bowl flushes through. If your toilet continues to run, this could be due to a damaged or faulty inlet or outlet valve, or the washers in the valves are worn. Depending on the types of your cistern, it may be cheaper to replace the entire cistern rather than just replacing the valves.

My toilet is blocked.

If your toilet is blocked, you may be able to remove the blockage yourself using a common plumber's plunger. If the blockage is further down the drain than just in the toilet, you will likely need a plumber and their specialised equipment to fix the blockage. The most common cause of blockages in toilets is because something other than human waste or toilet paper has been flushed down it. Tree roots entering in the sewer drain is also a very common cause of blockages.

My toilet is smelly.

"Plumbing traps" within the pipes ensure that smells don't make their way back up the pipes. Water within the pipes creates a seal that prevents gases from passing back up into your bathroom. If your toilet trap isn't working properly and doesn't have water in it, this may be where the smells are originating.

The toilet is leaking at the base.

There is a rubber seal that connects the outlet on the toilet to the drain. These can wear out with age and are often the cause of leaks around the base of the toilet or between the toilet and the back wall. Other rubber seals on older style toilets can also perish and leak over time.

Toilet plumbing van clearing a blocked toilet

We fix toilets fast and effectively!

Ok so you've got a blocked toilet, don't panic!!

Our plumbers are experts when it comes to dealing with blocked toilets. We have everything to clear your blocked toilet right on board our vans so no matter what is causing the blockage - whether it be toilet paper, toilet freshener or childrens toys we can get it cleared quickly and affordably so you can get back to the more important things.

A blocked toilet is always best left to the professionals, incorrectly plunging your toilet can lead to a flooded house (and we're not talking about fresh water).

We have the tools for every kind of blocked toilet, including: Industrial Plungers, Hand Rods, Electric Eels, High Pressure Water Jetters and even CCTV Drain Cameras - to see exactly what's going on in your toilet pipes.

Is Your Toilet Blocked? 5 Telltale Signs You Need to Know!

What has caused my blocked toilet?

Blocked toilets can be caused by a number of things the most common problems we come across are: too much toilet paper, toilet fresheners, sanitary napkins, childrens toys, kitty litter, and in some cases a collapsed sewer line or tree roots invading the pipes.

No matter what the problem - Jetset Plumbing toilet experts have the solution and can provide it fast.

What do I do now?

Firstly don’t continue to flush or use your toilet!

Most of the time this will only make matters worse - for instance, septic water may spill out.

To ensure you can get back to the brighter side to life as soon as possible - call one of our friendly plumbers - we will arrive quickly, assess the situation and provide a solution to get everything working the way it should. After all, our plumbers know all the tricks of the trade to getting your toilet plumbing working fast!

Blocked Toilet? 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Fix It Yourself! video

Leaking Toilet

Leaking toilets are the most common household water leak.

A running leaking toilet can waste up to 70 kilolitres of water per year! Most toilet leaks go unnoticed as the water slowly trickles down the back of the toilet bowl.

We find and fix all kinds of toilet leaks everything from a leaking toilet or leaking bowl to a leaking cistern. Don’t pay for any more excess water. Put a stop to your toilet leak today.

How can I see if my toilet is leaking?

One of the best ways to test a leaking toilet is to get some dark coloured food dye and drop enough drops into the top of the cistern to change the colour of the water.

Wait 30-60 minutes without flushing your toilet. Return and check all around the toilet for any coloured dye, check around the base, the cistern, the flush pipe, and inside the bowl.

These aren’t the only toilet leaks to worry about ...

Your toilet may leak from any of the following:

Outlet rubber – decayed, cracked or split outlet rubbers.

Inlet valve – plastic hardens and decays and can cause the valve to crack or split.

Outlet valve – plastic hardens and decays and can cause the valve to crack or split.

Flush pipe – seals decay and will crack or split leading to a leak from the cistern.

Key seal – waste leaks through the floor or wall seal due to the perishing rubber.

Cistern screw holes – a stuck inlet valve overfilling the cistern and overflowing out through unsealed screw holes.

Shut off valve – Just like your spindle taps over time the mechanism perishes and begins to leak the best option is to replace the valve.

Leaking water feed or flexi hose – Over time the rubbers perish and require replacing, as always the best option is to replace the entire hose.

Most importantly never attempt to do your own plumbing there are a plethora of problems that can occur which lead to even more costly repairs. We’ve seen many a time DIY’s attempting to fix a leaking toilet only to end up with a plumber and carpenter to fix the plumbing and replace the flooded carpet!

Toilet plumber installing a toilet

Installing a new toilet

If you’ve already bought a toilet and want us to install it - no problem, we can do that for you.

If you haven’t already bought a toilet - our toilet specialists can recommend a replacement toilet and source one for you.

We have access to all of the most popular brands of toilets and we will discuss all options you have with you.

Toilet repair plumbers
Regardless of the toilet problem you have, our professional toilet plumbers can help. They are known as the best toilet plumbers Brisbane and toilet plumbers Gold Coast and are always up to the task. Such issues may include toilet repairs, fixing a leaky toilet, installation or replacement of toilets, and unblocking toilets.

Remember we service and install toilets all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are your local Brisbane toilet plumbers and Gold Coast toilet plumbers.

FAQs: Toilet Plumbing

A running toilet is often caused by a faulty flapper valve or a problem with the fill valve. It can lead to water wastage and increased water bills.
You can try adjusting the flapper chain, cleaning the flapper valve, or replacing the fill valve. If you're unsure, it's best to consult a plumber.
Common causes of frequent toilet clogs include using too much toilet paper, flushing non-flushable items, or a blockage further down the drain line.
Use moderate amounts of toilet paper, avoid flushing items like wipes and feminine hygiene products, and consider getting a drain clean and inspection regularly to prevent buildup.
If the toilet is about to overflow, turn off the water supply valve located behind or near the toilet. If it's already overflowing, use a plunger to try and clear the blockage or call an experienced plumber if needed. Don't keep flushing.
If you're unsure about any toilet plumbing problem or if your DIY attempts haven't resolved the issue, it's best to call a professional plumber to prevent further damage or complications.

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