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$35k holiday GIVEAWAY
Who just hit the JACKPOT in our $35k holiday GIVEAWAY?

It's Kelli-Ann Falso!!

A HUGE congratulations to Kelli-Ann, who has just won the trip of a lifetime!

Our very own superstar, Jake, reached into our giant barrel of loyal customers and drew her lucky name!

Kelli-Ann has been a dedicated and happy Jetset customer for quite some time now, having completed several projects with Jetset Plumbing and Jetset Electrical, including installing new toilets, taps, and a NEW hot water system.

She has also had new smoke alarms and lights installed by our fantastic electrical team.

Kelli-Ann has built a heartwarming bond with our skilled plumbers, including Joe, Jem and Rylee, and she has assured us that she's a customer for LIFE.

We were absolutely thrilled to surprise Kelli-Ann at her home with a MASSIVE cheque and a bouquet of flowers!

Now, the real excitement begins: where will Kelli-Ann decide to JET off to?

Stay tuned for all the thrilling updates here and on our social media channels.

Be sure to watch the video of Kelli-Ann's winning reaction below!

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