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The Jetset Plumbing team have the best plumbing services in Logan!

Jetset Plumbing are the trusted plumbers in the Logan area, we provide a broad range of services for all things plumbing in both residential and commercial spaces. We guarantee that when you choose the Jetset team, you will be left in the safe hands of one of our trusted plumbers. Not only do we employ the best plumbers in south-east Queensland, we ensure that all of our plumbers love their trade so that whenever they carry out a job, top-notch service is provided 100% of the time.

Our company standard is to use only the newest techniques and cutting-edge technology. This is to ensure that we are always providing a service that is second to none in efficiency and quality. Each of our plumbers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including; High Pressure Water Jetters, CCTV Drain Cameras and Ultra High Frequency Listening Devices. This allows them to clear blocked drains, see underground so they can diagnose a blockage and find water leaks even if they are under concrete. Whatever is required of our plumbers on a job call-out, they will be prepared.

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Logan Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains

Using the fastest, most effective methods we can clear your blocked drain more effectively and affordably.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Discover what is causing your blocked drains Logan with our CCTV drain cameras.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our 5000 PSI High Pressure Jetters blast through tree roots and debris allowing flow again.

Hot Water Heater Repairs Logan

Is your Logan Hot Water Heater broken or leaking? Our Plumbers can repair all types of heaters.

Hot Water Heater Installations

We supply and install all makes and models of hot water heaters.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections

95% of Logan homes have plumbing issues. Book your pre-purchase plumbing inspection.

Water Efficiency Certificates

We convert fixtures and fittings to be water efficient and supply you with a water efficiency certificate.

Broken or Leaking Taps

If your taps leak, don't turn easily or are broken we can fix them for you.

Toilet Plumbing

Most toilet leaks go unnoticed and can cost you up to hundreds if kiloliters in water fees a year.
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100% Plumbing Logan Quality Workmanship

To guarantee that we live up to our own goal of providing the best plumbing service, every one of our plumbers are required to undergo eight hours of rigorous training each fortnight. This training is aimed at improving self-development, customer-service and general plumbing knowledge including new rules and regulations.

Here at Jetset Plumbing, we don’t stop at just plumbing problems. We have been a part of the Logan community for over a decade now and we take pride to be providing a positive plumbing service to locals on a daily basis. Whether it be in the form of a plumbing service, a helping hand or a local charity – we are here for the Logan community. The reason why Jetset Plumbing began is because we saw that the service that was being provided by other companies was severely lacking. Our sole purpose is to provide our customers with a service that they will not be able to find anywhere else. This is what we have done for the past decade and will continue to do for the next one to come.

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Here is what you can expect from us:

1. We do not charge call out plumbing fees

2. When you call us, you will speak to real people who know how to help Logan residents.

3. We will get there at the time told to you and if we even suspect that the job before is taking longer than expected, you are the first to know.

4. We have the same weekend plumbing rates.

5. Our job isn't complete until we have sent you a personalised thank-you card from our Jetset team.

Blocked Drains

Jetset Plumbing are the blocked drain specialists for Logan. While a blocked drain seems like a minor inconvenience and you may think that it isn’t worth calling a plumber just yet – you couldn’t be further from the truth. Blocked drains can cause major health problems if left untreated, which could mean harm for you or your family. Generally, all Plumbing Logan and drainage becomes blocked because the pipes are cracked or damaged or something has been flushed down the toilet that wasn’t supposed to be. While blocked drains can be remedied fairly easily by a professional plumber, don’t believe that the job is too small or that the problem will solve itself. Don’t leave it until someone gets sick, call Jetset Plumbing today.

Hot Water Systems

Jetset Plumbing has some of the best repair and replacement staff when it comes to Hot Water Systems. If you are having trouble with your system, one of our trusted plumbers will carry out a number of tests to accurately diagnose your system. Once this is done, the repairs or replacement will take place and you will be enjoying your hot water again in no time at all. We are different from other plumbing services, in that, if you need to replace your hot water system, we carry out that job on the same day! By suppling and installing on the same day, you can go back to having hot showers that very night, at no extra cost.

Leak Detection

Jetset Plumbing plumbers use only the latest and greatest in sonar listening devices for leak detection. Our leak detecting devices can detect leaks that are hidden from the naked eye whether it be because it’s hidden behind plaster boards, concrete or metres under dirt. Leaks seem like small things but in reality, can cost you thousands if left undetected. Our team are highly qualified, having attended many training programs and seminars all over Australia. We will find your leak and fix it before you waste any more money on lost water.

Gas Plumbing

Jetset Plumbing is your one-stop gas fitters with over 10 years’ experience and fully equipped for any gas job. We do lots of different gas plumbing services including installation. A natural gas heater to supply all your homeowner needs. Gas Hot Water Systems, to help offer a full range of gas heating for your gas ovens and barbeques. Gas leak repairs, If it’s an emergency we provide same day gas fitting services for anyone who needs to fix a leaking gas today. We take gas outages seriously and will be ready to deal with gas leaks today. Gas Compliance Certificates are mandatory to all our plumbers when carrying out any gas work for your home.

Licenced Plumbers

We only employ fully trained Master Plumbers and we are a member of the Master Plumber Logan Association. Our plumbers drive a fully stocked service vehicle with the full range of common stock items as well as a High-Pressure Water Jetting Machine, CCTV Drain Camera and a Locator, along with other tools and ladders. We also have plumbers that specialise in blocked drains and can unblock your drain, find your hidden water leak and repair your gas, solar or electric hot water system.

Logan is hot enough as it is, so you don’t want trying to find a plumber to cause more heat in the frustration of things. Jimboomba, Lyons, Mundoolun, Cedar Vale, Yarrabilba, Shailer Park, Eagleby, Beenleigh, it really doesn’t matter where you live in Logan, we’ll be able to get a plumber there and take care of your plumbing problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you need a stove installed and commissioned, your gas hot water heater serviced or a blocked sewer or blocked stormwater pipe cleared, then a Jetset plumber has all the experience you need. Our plumbers have the training, the tools and the resources to have your plumbing problems repaired in no time and your day put back into the correct order.

There’s no job too small or too complicated for an expert Logan plumbers from Jetset Plumbing to tackle. We make sure every plumber has been trained to the highest degree possible, has the latest in technology and the greatest tools.

Having served the Logan community for the better part of thirteen years and with over 100 years combined plumbing and drainage experience, you can take Jetset Plumbing to carry out your plumbing job – no matter how big or small. While we have proudly worked on a number of large projects including the Clem Jones Tunnel, our most rewarding and satisfying work comes from helping members of the Logan community get back on their feet after a plumbing mishap. Give the Jetset Plumbing team a call today, you have nothing to lose as we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction that is backed up by 100% workmanship guarantee.

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Top 9 Reasons Why More Locals Choose To Use Jetset Plumbing!

  • No Call Out Fees
    You Won't Pay For Travel
  • Fixed Flat Rates
    You Know Exactly What It Costs
  • Fully Licensed Plumbers
    You Won't Get An Apprentice
  • 100% Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
    Have Peace Of Mind
  • We Do Everything
    From Residential to Commercial and Industrial
  • Experienced over 12 Years
    Our Experience Saves You Time & Money
  • Accredited Master Plumbers
    You're In Safe Hands
  • Honest, Friendly Plumbers
    We Care About Our Customers
  • 10% Pensioner Discounts
    Because Every Little Bit Helps

Latest News: 2019 Updates

  • Updates involving the addition of providing our services on a Sunday. That means we now provide our customers with plumbing services 7 days a week so you never have to worry about waiting for someone to come out until Monday.

  • We have also updated our Leak Detection equipment, ensuring we only use the latest in technology to find your hidden water leaks. When finding water leaks, whether that be residential or commercial properties, it is important that we carry the latest in technology to pin point exactly where your water leak is.

  • This year there has already been enormous amounts of rainfall, that being said, it is important that you are ensuring your drains are running freely, without any blockages. If your drains are blocked, we can use the high pressure water jetting machine to clear the blockage to ensure your drains don't overflow and flood your property.

Pipe Relining - A New Solution To Repair Broken Pipes

Pipe Relining - A New Solution To Repair Broken Pipes
Have you got a broken pipe? Or perhaps a blocked drain that needs clearing and permanently fixing? The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is having to dig up the old pipes. Well there may be a another alternative - pipe relining.
July, 2019