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How to Tell You Have A Blocked Stormwater Drain

Complimentary Plumbing Inspection with Jake

Welcome to Jetset Plumbing. Our team have the best to offer!

Our team is driven by excellence, rewarding our customers with an unrivalled gold standard of service. Each of our team members are subjected to hours of fine-tuned training to ensure we are employing only the most efficient and highly knowledgeable staff members, so we don't let you down.

Every 2 weeks, your plumbing technicians are once again, subjected to a full eight hours of training, where the focus is on three separate areas of their self-development.

The technicians firstly, are kept up to date with the latest news and products of the industry. This is where we demonstrate the latest in technology to our plumbing technicians as well as how to maintain all their tools ensuring nothing will go wrong when with a customer.

The second area is where they are subjected to 32 separate ordeals, focusing on how the customer experience can be improved. We begin by using a role-play situation where they must demonstrate how they interact with the customer on each job. Once we have worked on those situations, they are then given scenarios and must explain how to give the best customer experience.

The third and final area of our employee training is all about their self-awareness. The employees are subjected to an hour-long exam where they must honestly answer a questionnaire focused on their customer service. Once they have completed this, we then sit down with everyone individually discussing why they have chosen their answers and how they can improve.

The same time and effort is put into our office staff, they to are subjected to the same customer experience training as our plumbing technicians. We are passionate about our customers and we will do anything to give them a customer experience they won't forget.

We take pride in not only our plumbing technicians, but all our staff members and the countless hours they have dedicated to themselves to give an award-winning customer service that is second to none.

Our technicians provide maintenance plumbing services to tenants, home owners, real estate agents, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants, factories and even government organisations. Each time, our staff members take pride in the different job types as they get to provide their unrivalled customer service to a number of different people.

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Our Services

Blocked Drains & Toilets

Using the fastest, most effective methods we can clear your blocked drain or blocked toilet more effectively and affordably.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Discover what is causing your blocked drain with our CCTV drain camera.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our 5000 PSI High Pressure Jetters blast through tree roots and debris allowing flow again.

Hot Water Heater Repairs

Is your Hot Water Heater broken or leaking? Our Plumbers can repair all types of heaters.

Hot Water Heater Installations

We supply and install all makes and models of hot water heaters.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections

95% of homes have plumbing issues. Book your pre-purchase plumbing inspection.

Water Efficiency Certificates

We convert fixtures and fittings to be water efficient and supply you with a water efficiency certificate.

Broken or Leaking Taps

If your taps leak, don't turn easily or are broken we can fix them for you.

Toilet Plumbing

Most toilet leaks go unnoticed and can cost you up to hundreds if kiloliters in water fees a year.
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Jetset Plumbing are local plumbers providing an extensive variety of residential and commercial plumbing maintenance services.

We provide maintenance plumbing services to tenants, home owners, real estate agents, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants, factories and even government organisations.

When you use Jetset Plumbing you are taken care of by a professional team who prides itself on the highest quality service. We employ the best plumbers as they are experienced tradesmen who have been in plumbing trade for most of their lives and they love it!

We strictly adhere to the Plumbing Code, Council Plumbing and back our work with 100% workmanship guarantee.

We keep up to date with the latest technologies to ensure our quality service and effectiveness. Our tradesmen have High Pressure Water Jetters for clearing blocked drains, CCTV Drain Cameras for visually inspecting sewer and storm water drains and Ultra High Frequency Listening devices to non-destructively locate water leaks (even under concrete!).

All our quality parts are sourced locally from Reece Plumbing and often come with a warranty.

Jetset Plumbing have been your commercial and residential plumbers for the last 12 years, with a combined plumbing experience of over 100 years with all our plumbers combined. We give back to our proud community and we focus on their satisfaction. We only want the best for our customers, that is why we are so passionate about what we do.

Jetset Plumbing first started 12 years ago with one purpose, provide a service to the customers they can’t find anywhere else. That is exactly what we’ve done.

The service we provide is second to none.

When you call us, you speak to a human, who puts their life in plumbing and is wanting to help you.

We will get out there for you when we say, if the job before yours goes longer than expected, you are the first person told.

We have the same weekend rates as we do on a Saturday.

We don’t charge you any call out fees.

We give back to you after the job is completed with a personalised thank you message from your plumber.

Jetset Plumbing is your one-stop company for all your plumbing needs.

As your plumbers, it is important that we are well informed about the latest in technology, it is imperative that we keep up to date with new Australian rules and regulations regarding plumbing. All these little things are extremely important for you to think about when needing your next plumber.

Jetset Plumbing isn't just your local plumber who focus solely on the plumbing. We pride ourselves on being in the problem solving business. There is nothing greater than when we get the opportunity to help solve your problems. We look at the plumbing as a tool of our trade for our main driver of customer experience. When you use Jetset plumbing, you will be saying "wow" with your local plumber experience.

Give one of our friendly staff members a call today to discuss your plumbing, we'll be happy to help!

ATTENTION Residents - You Must Read This Before Using a Drain snake or Electric Eel!

drain snake vs high pressure water jetter

There are a lot of plumbers that still use the older Electric Eel (also known as a plumbers snake or a drain snake) method today and only a limited number of plumbers that use the updated, latest technology of the High Pressure Water Jetter, but which is the better choice to clear a blocked drain an Electric Eel or a High Pressure Water Jetter? This is a common question asked when a blocked drain or clogged drain becomes a problem for all residents.

The first Electric Eel or Drain Snake was invented in 1933 the Electric Eel works by a motor spinning a steel cable with a cutting head attached to the end. The cable is fed into the pipes chewing and mashing whatever it comes in contact with, including all your clay and P.V.C pipework. This is a common problem for plumbers who use the electric eel method, due to the uncontrollable nature of the drain snake system, when the drain snake comes in contact with your pipework, it will cause cracks and breaks throughout.

The High Pressure Water Jetter is far newer technology it pumps water at roughly 5000 psi which is strong enough to cut tree roots. The Water Jetters consists of a motor which pushes water through the water hose and finally out of the head which has an outlet on the front to clear the way and multiple outlets behind it facing all directions which clean the pipes and propel the Water Jetter through the pipe.

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Jetset Plumbing Name

Jetset Plumbing is the name to trust when it comes to plumbing. As we have such a large team of qualified local plumbers. We can provide a truly local service. When you phone the office, you aren't speaking to a call centre, you're speaking to a highly trained member of our team who is ready to help. Our team is an efficient administration team, we will ask you where you live, and they will schedule the closest Plumber to fix your plumbing problem.

About Us

Jetset Plumbing are your local plumbers providing an extensive variety of plumbing maintenance services. We are extremely qualified plumbers who specialise in numerous key areas of plumbing such as leak detection, hot water system plumbing and blocked drains. Our extensive knowledge doesn't end there as we are the experts in all general plumbing work including services such as leaking taps and concealed water leaks.

When you use Jetset Plumbing you are taken care of by a professional team who prides itself on the highest quality service. We employ the best plumbers as they are experienced tradesmen who have been in plumbing trade for most of their lives and they love it!

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Jetset Plumbing: Services

General Plumbing Services

Jetset Plumbing are your local plumbers who focus on a wide variety of plumbing services. Our General Plumbing services include services ranging from dishwasher installs to tap repairs and tap servicing, along with everything else in between. We are your Emergency plumbers with fast, same day service and we are fully equipped to tackle all plumbing repairs that need to be made.

Water Leaks

When you find out you have a water leak, your mind starts racing and you find yourself in a full panic mode. Whether it be leaking pipes under your sink or leaking taps that cause you to stay up all night because of the water driplet sound.

We even specialise in other forms of water leaks such as leaking cisterns in your toilets or even your leaking shower. Whether it is a standard tap or a mixer tap, your toilet or sink, Jetset Plumbing will specialise in all forms of water leaks. We are here to help you with any plumbing problems you may have.

Hidden Water Leaks

Water Leaks can be annoying, however, hidden water leaks will cause you and your family a major headache when you find out you have a leak. Picture this, you get home from a hard day of work, check your letter box to find a letter from your local council. You know it is your water bill, you open it up and realise you have used 10X more than your normal amount of water.

When you find out you have a high water bill, be sure to call a plumber who specialises in Leak Detection. The unique thing about Jetset Plumbing is not only are we experienced Leak Detectors, but we are also fully qualified plumbers. This means that we can find your leak and repair it at the same time. Not all leak detection companies can carry out your leak repair as well. Be sure your local plumbers are fully equipped to tackle all your water leak detection and leak repairs.

Blocked Drain Plumbing

Jetset Plumbing are the Blocked Drain Specialists, focusing on such a wide variety of blockage problems. Every day, we are faced with the same problem in clearing blockages, whether it be a blocked or clogged toilet, blocked shower, blocked sink it would be our pleasure to help you solve the problem you're being faced with.

Everyday our customers call us in a panic saying they have a drain that is overflowing with sewerage in their yard, or their downpipe is overflowing when it rains. All these situtions that seem like a massive problem to most home owners, is our specialty and is something we deal with everyday. That means we have the latest in drain clearing technology and the latest CCTV drain camera inspections helping us to help you get through your blocked drain. You have the problem and we have the solution.

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Plumbing Installations

With our plumbing fixture installations, we are very experienced in installing all different styles and setups of fixtures. We have done work with straight replacements and even bathroom renovations where customers would need vanity installations, sink installations, new tap installations and even toilet installations.

Installing new plumbing fixtures can be a tedious task for someone who has little experience in doing it. You don't want to be pulling your hair out trying to fix a leaking toilet that you have just installed. Be sure that your local plumber is fully qualified, this way you know for sure that they have had to go through years and years of training and development before they fix your plumbing problem.

Toilet Plumbing

Toilets are a must have in every household, as I'm sure you are aware. When you realise your toilet is leaking water into the bowl, the sound can echo all night, causing you to stay awake. That is when you need your local plumber to repair your leaking cistern so your toilet doesn't leak anymore.

Like anything, as toilets get older, they get worn down which will lead to things like cracks and leaks from your toilet. Rather than spending money on repairing your toilet, with no idea on how long it will last, the safer option is to replace your toilet. By replacing your toilet, you will be able to take advantage of the toilet's manufacturer warranty.

Water Saving Plumbing

There are many ways that you can be saving water and in the end, saving you money, but there are a few handy plumbing devices that you can install to save you water and money.

When you have water filters installed in you kitchen sink, be sure your water filter has a high water efficiency star rating. If you find yourself having water hammer in your home, be sure to get that rectified as that will cause damage to the rest of the plumbing in your property. When protecting your plumbing fixtures, one device that is sure to save you money is a wtaer pressure reduction valve. By reducing the water pressure, you are ensuring the longevity of your property's plumbing.

Plumbing Replacements

In your lifetime, you are bound to have to find replacement parts or replacement plumbing fixtures. Whether you need to replace your taps because they are old and worn, or even a replacement part in your mixer tap, you will need to deal with some kind of replacements.

We also supply and install replacement parts for your toilets as well as your taps. We can also find the right shower taps and shower rose to suit the style of bathroom you desire. Whether you need replacement styles similar to yours or even replacement parts for your existing plumbing work, Jetset Plumbing will handle the whole process for you, from start to finish. We supply, install and even work with replacements on all your household plumbing.

Hot Water System Plumbing

Jetset Plumbing are your local Hot Water System Plumbers, we focus on the safety of you, your family and your property when making any decisions with your hot water system. We receive phone calls all the time from customers in a panic moment saying that they don't have any hot water or the water is only a lukewarm temperature.

A leaking hot water system or a burst hot water system is a serious problem, not only for the hot water system, but also the safety of you and your family. The last thing we want is your hot water system causing havoc for your household.

Our team of highly qualified and extremely experienced plumbers are fully equipped to tackle any hot water system plumbing problem you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing and replacing all forms of electric hot water systems. We also have extensive experience with working on all forms of gas hot water systems and even solar hot water systems. Next time you have a hot water system plumbing problem, call Jetset Plumbing.

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