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We Clear Blocked Drains Fast and Affordably!

Jetset Plumbing are specialists in blocked drain diagnosis and clearing we operate throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads areas. All our vans are equipped with High Pressure Water Jetters and CCTV Drain Cameras.

We Fix All Kinds Of Blocked Drains:

Blocked Pipes
Blocked Sewer Drains
Blocked Stormwater
Blocked Toilets

Blocked Downpipes
Blocked Showers
Blocked Gutters

Drains Flow, Good As New!

To clear a blocked sewer or stormwater drain we use the latest technology drain clearing device, the 5000psi High Pressure Water Jetter. We will clear your blocked drain, flush out your entire line and have your pipes flowing as good as new! Its just like a high pressure car wash for your sewer or stormwater pipes! The High Pressure Water Jetter can cut through tree roots, debris and waste build up. Plus its more aggressive on blockages and much gentler on your pipes than the old Electric Eel method!

Getting to the root of the problem.

Using CCTV Drain Cameras we will find out exactly what is causing your drains to block up. Our inspections identify and locate serious drain problems like blockages, tree roots, debris, cracked or collapsed pipes which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run. The inspection can also be recorded to DVD for reviewing or storage.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Jetters are an extremely effective and efficient way to clear both your sewer and stormwater drains. It’s great for clearing out all greasy blockages and removing any tree roots. Jetset Plumbing understand that High Pressure Water Jetters are no joke as they can run at a pressure of 5000 psi. High pressure blasts out of the end of a small nozzle attached to a hose and is placed into the drain and self-propels itself through the pipe blasting through any obstacles, such as stubborn tree roots, moss, dirt that are in its path. One advantage of the high-pressure jetting machine it can reach blockages that are further along the pipes than what a conventional electric eel drain machine can reach. We tend to use our high-pressure jetting machines for kitchen sinks because they are always filled with grease. This allows the machine to easily cut in the grease and fats to allow the pipe to flow freely again. The high-pressure Jetting Machine is very efficient for cleaning sinks and drains in commercial properties where thick build up’s can occur. Commonly, high-pressure Jetting Machine cleans stubborn drain blockages far better than the electric eel drain machines and is often used for more serious blockages.

No matter where you live or how dirty your sewer pipes are, the high-pressure jetting machine is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of any plumber’s equipment cleaning toolkit. As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting services that are safe fast, efficient and effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects, we ensure the Jetset Plumbing team are highly trained and experienced in this field, with extensive knowledge in high-pressure water blasting across a variety of commercial and residential properties, big and small. When it comes to providing a high quality and affordable high-pressure water cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Jetset Plumbing is for you. We have always been the number one service that people come to when they are looking for high pressure cleaning that clears away all the rubbish and muck that blocks their drains. If you are looking to experience the best in high-pressure jetting, then reach out and speak to one of our qualified plumbers.

CCTV Drains

All the plumbers at Jetset Plumbing have experienced training and qualifications in using the CCTV drainage camera to locate those troublesome and extra difficult drain blockages. All the problems outlined above are very difficult, even impossible, to find cheaply, safely and efficiently without the aid of a drain camera; the only other way is to excavate the entire length of the drain, which is very costly and time consuming. Our plumber will recommend CCTV drain camera inspection for all blocked drains to ensure the blockage is completely removed or no unnoticed damaged has occurred to prevent the drain from becoming blocked again. It doesn’t take long for a small tree root or a slightly sagged pipe to worsen and cause all kinds of problems, and it makes repairs and clearing much simpler and easier if these problems are caught earlier rather than later or attended to within its first instance. Rising damp and flooding of foundations and other essential building structures can result from ongoing blockages, so it’s important to get these blocked drains repaired as soon as they’re discovered.

When you have a blocked drain that keeps reoccurring, the cause of a blocked drain, or location of the blockage, isn’t known, or your attending Jetset plumber doubts that there might be more going on inside your blocked drain than first said, a CCTV drain camera inspection will be a worthy choice. Every one of our licensed plumbers has been extensively trained in every aspect of blocked drains clearing, including the use of drain camera inspections.

The following list brings you one of the few things that could be reoccurring blockage in your drain. A cracked pipe can happen, this is affected by earth compacting around a pipe, ground movements, or just in general bad pipe installation. If the pipe is installed correctly it can lead to cracks or breakages in the ground. This allows debris to find its way inside and prevent water from flowing. Jetset Plumbing will be able to find out exactly where and how badly a pipe is sagging, and then determine what the best course of action will be for repair. The destruction of surrounding earth can cause a pipe to break. Collapsed pipes are due to being old or incorrectly installed. Jetset Plumbing use a CCTV drain camera to determine a decision. Tree root blocks pipes naturally by tree roots. This only occurs if the pipe is old or already cracked. Jetset Plumbing can solve all these types of problems with CCTV drain cameras and give you the best guidance for all your plumbing problems.

CCTV Sewer Drain Camera

Jetset Plumbing have several drain CCTV cameras as they are known in the plumbing industry, which can be placed down your drain pipe to see what is causing your blocked drains.

The drain camera will clearly identify any damages that may have occurred to the pipe from the blockage or determine why the drain has blocked up and allow your plumber to find and identify the exact location and problem of the blockage to decide on the most effective clearing method. We find that tree roots seem to be the most common cause of blocked drains as they break into the pipes and soon grow to a large mass.

Collapsed pipes, misaligned pipes and foreign objects in the drain are all other problems we identify when we use the CCTV camera. In some cases, drain problems can be ongoing and require further assistance, this is where one of our CCTV drain cameras can help! Our sewer drain cameras can pin point where there may be a misaligned pipe, broken pipe, root mass or other foreign obstacle in the drain.

Blocked Stormwater Drains

How to prevent blocked stormwater drains

It is important to us that you request the high-pressure water jetter, if you have a blocked stormwater drain. This is the best drain cleaner to be used in this situation as it uses high pressure water and will remove any stubborn blockage along with any dirt, leaves or sludge from the stormwater pipes. Conventional electric eel drain machines are not great enough for this use. As our water jetters are trailer mounted they are not carried to every job. If you have a blocked stormwater drain so we can save you time and money by bringing the high-pressure water jetting to your location. The blocked drain Brisbane clearing experts here at Jetset Plumbing find the easiest method for cleaning blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains is to use the high pressure drain clearing machine. Using highly pressurised water, at a rate of 5000psi, it can easily cut through a heavy drain blockage that we might find, and is especially effective on those slimy, sludgy build-ups and tree root infiltrations most commonly found in some drains. For us it doesn’t matter what’s causing your blocked stormwater to drain, the experts from Jetset Plumbing will be able to have it cleared and cleaned or the section of damaged drain replaced to have your water flowing again better than ever.

What now?

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