Are Blocked Drains Covered by Home Insurance?

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Are Blocked Drains Covered by Home Insurance?

Blocked drains, the arch nemesis of every homeowner, but are you covered?

It's every homeowner's nightmare to wake up to the mess and stress of a clogged drain and, though home remedies may sound appealing, they are not always the easy fix you might be hoping for.

Plumbing issues are always best left to the plumbing professionals, but there is a chance you might be covered by insurance.

Firstly, if you are currently experiencing issues with blockages, it is extremely important to have your drains inspected by a licensed plumber with a CCTV drain camera.

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Are Blocked Drains Covered by Home Insurance?

What Could Home Insurance Cover?

Though, it is always best to check what your home and contents insurance will cover, when it comes to calling in the professionals to fix a clogged drain, it is important to know you won't always be totally covered.

Insurers can be quite selective with which insurance claims they accept when it comes to the plumbing issues surrounding blocked drains.

If your drains are blocked due to one of the following causes, you might just be covered.

Accidental Damage

Most home insurance companies will cover any accidental damages that may lead to clogged drains. However, your definition of accidental may not always be the same as your insurers. Insurance companies are all about those technicalities.

But what causes are actually considered accidental? Trees, tree roots, tree excavations and just about anything remotely involving trees.

Tree roots are a big one as they naturally seek out the closest source of water. They can find the smallest of water leaks and use that opening to break through the water pipes and, eventually, cause blocked drains.

The costs of repairs may be covered in this instance. However, it is always best to check with your insurance company before assuming they will actually cover the costs of anything damaged due to those pesky roots.

Connecting Drains

You are liable for any drains that fall within your property boundaries, but if the structural damages to the plumbing system are located outside of your property you might just be in luck.

It's important to note that, much like you are only liable for the drains within your property bounds, your insurance only covers the drains on your property. This means that most insurance companies will not cover damages exceeding property lines, though the final call is up to them.

In this instance, getting a plumber to find the root cause of the blocked drain could be in your best interest. Though you might have connected drain systems, if the problem is found to be within your neighbours property bounds or on council land, it becomes their responsibility to ensure any necessary repairs are made.

Blocked Drains - What Home Insurance Won't Cover

What Home Insurance Won't Cover.


The fact of the matter is, your insurance policy most likely won't cover any gradual damages.

If you're someone who often finds themselves using the sink or even the toilet as a form of garbage disposal, or if you just simply can't remember the last time you had your plumbing system checked, you might be in for a shock the next time you apply for an insurance claim.

That's right. If you managed to miss the fine print on the product disclosure statement you probably don't know that most home insurance companies won't cover any damage to your home that they have deemed avoidable.

Which is why maintenance really is important, something Jetset Plumbing knows all about. Our plumbers use the latest in CCTV drain camera inspection technology to find any leaks or erosion that might lead to a clogged drain.

So, if you're looking for that 100% satisfaction guarantee, simply call Jetset Plumbing on 1800 443 996.

DIY Plumbing

When it comes to home improvement, DIY fix-its have really taken off, but are you just digging yourself a deeper ditch?

When it comes to assessing the cause of a blocked drain, if the root cause turns out to be that pipe you tried to reinstall yourself just last month, your chances of being covered by insurance are slim.

So, if your plumbing experience amounts to some DIY video tutorials and that one time dad showed you how to replace a tap 10 years ago, calling your local plumber is your best bet.

So, What Causes a Blocked Drain?

There are quite a number of things that can cause a blocked drain, a few of the main ones being; tree roots, hair, a build-up of grease, or even incorrect installation. Whatever it is, it is always recommended you contact your local plumbers sooner rather than later.

You should check out our other articles on the common causes of a blocked drain, so you can avoid the hassle of getting one.

What Causes a Blocked Drain?

Are you Covered?

So, back to the initial question, are blocked drains covered by home insurance? The answer is, possibly.

It is not a definite answer because it really depends on a few different factors. It depends on the cause of the blocked drain, whether that be; accidental, out of your bounds, or avoidable damage. But it also depends heavily on your insurance company and what they will actually cover.

If you are unsure of your coverage, it is time to pull out the old product disclosure statement and give it another read, or contact your insurer and find out what you are truly covered for.

If you are having trouble or need help assessing your blocked drain, get in touch with Jetset Plumbing as soon as possible on 1800 443 996.

With 100% workmanship guarantees, $0 call-out fees and a full clean-up after we finish the job, you'll be on your way to clearing both those blocked drains and that worried mind before you know it.

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