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Can Coffee Grounds Cause a Blocked Drain?

It's a common misconception that coffee grounds are safe or even beneficial to drains.

But we're here to give you the facts, and the truth is that coffee grounds can absolutely cause a blocked drain.

Many people think that coffee grounds will help clean your drain or remove odours, but this couldn't be farther from the reality.

Although instant coffee is complexly water-soluble, only about 30% of ground coffee beans will dissolve, and the remaining 70% will stay intact.

Can Coffee Grounds Cause a Blocked Drain?

Coffee Grounds Do Cause Block Drains

Because so many people believe that pouring coffee grounds down the drain is fine, it's one of the most prevalent causes of clogged drains. Coffee grinds clump together in your pipes, and over time this causes serious issues with your plumbing.

Slow Drainage

Coffee grounds in the drain do not usually result in a total blockage, instead, they usually cause a partial blockage and delayed drainage. Slow drainage will most likely result in a total blockage given some time.

Smelly Drain

Even if you appreciate the scent of coffee grounds, clogged drains might cause other odours that you may not like.

If the clog is caused by coffee grounds, they will collect foul smells from all the other meals and drinks you pour down the drain.

For a more extensive explanation on what causes smelly drains, check out our article Why Do My Drains Smell?

Your Garbage Disposal Won't Help

You should also avoid pouring coffee grinds down the garbage disposal.

Coffee grounds, in addition to clogging drainage, are a primary source of jammed waste disposal systems.

If you happen to pour ground coffee beans down the kitchen sink disposal, be sure you run enough water to wash them down.

If you don't, they'll dry out and collect between the impellers or in the drain pipes. Even if you run a lot of water, the liquid will not be able to push through and remove the dry grinds that have become stuck.

If you suspect you have a blocked drain take a look at our article Top Major Signs of A Blocked Drain.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly at 1800 443 996 and our blocked drain specialist will come to take a look at your plumbing issue and make it as good as new.

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