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Why Do My Drains Smell?

The modern plumbing system has advanced in homes – it helps prevent disease, provides sanitation and quickly and efficiently removes waste and sewage problems. However, this is not to say that this finely tuned system is without its hiccups… When it fails it can cause bad odours to permeate the house and much worse. So, what causes bad smelling drains?

Drains can be built up from junk been thrown down the drain.

Build-up Of Things That Shouldn’t Be In Drains…

Over time, drains can become clogged with things such as fat, oil, grease, hair, food scraps and worst of all, wet wipes. When a drain becomes clogged, water stops being able to flow as freely and as such, can no longer wash all of the bad smelling waste away. Although some wet wipes may claim to be flushable, this is not the case as they don’t break down the same way that toilet paper does. To avoid these smelly situations, as a rule of thumb, only flush and wash down the drain human waste and toilet paper.

Damaged Pipes Or Faulty Installation

The tiniest crack in a drain pipe can cause major issues in your home as the pipe is no longer efficient in carrying away foul smelling odours. A professional plumber will be able to carry out tests to determine if your pipe is cracked or damaged in any way. Despite the simple sounding mechanism of pipes, more often than should be the case, drains may smell bad due to improper installation.

drain pipes leak or break

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a very handy kitchen appliance but sometimes food scraps can get caught at the bottom and are just left to rot. This build-up of food waste can very quickly lead to a bad smelling kitchen. A good way to prevent your kitchen from smelling bad is to ensure that a generous amount of water runs through the system to flush the food debris away. If your garbage disposal is smelling a bit off, you can clean it by running ice cubes and chunks of lemon through it and finishing with draining hot water.

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