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Solar Hot Water

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Solar Hot Water Systems - Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

At Jetset Plumbing we supply and install new solar hot water systems, service and maintain your current solar hot water system and replace your old and inefficient water heating systems.

Call Jetset Plumbing today on 1800 443 996 to discuss all your solar hot water system needs. We are only happy to spend the time to discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost effective and efficient solution to your hot water needs.

Solar Hot water systems

Why Go Solar?

In a warm and sunny location like South East Queensland a solar hot water heater is an extremely attractive and cost effective solution to the old power hungry hot water systems. In consideration of going solar for your hot water requirements the biggest concern is often the initial financial expense and the length of time it would take to offset that cost. Solar energy is FREE and the ongoing costs are therefore minimal as opposed to conventional power generated options. A quality solar hot water system should last around 20 years or more if regularly serviced. See the chart below which highlights the relative cost comparisons of various hot water systems:

Our plumbing craftsman can sort any solar hot water heaters by:

Help you select the right system for your situation, location and budget
Ensure that you get all the relevant Government rebates,
Also get all theincentives and subsidies that are available to you
Do all the paperwork, install, plumb, test and guarantee your new system

Solar Hot Water Systems and Maintenance


Solar hot water systems should be serviced every five years to provide maximum functionally and detect any issues before they turn into major problems. In a service our technician will check and replace various valves, clean out the tank, pressure test to detect for small holes or leaks, replace any corroded elements and clean panels. This will ensure the solar hot water system will function at its optimal efficiency once again. Our qualified tradesmen are fully equipped to ensure that any problems with your solar hot water systems are swiftly and professionally resolved.

Jetset Plumbing will provide to you:

Fast and efficient installation of solar hot water systems
Emergency repair of your old system
Timely service of your existing system to ensure it is functioning to its full capabilities


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