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If you suspect you have a leak around your home or your water bills have shot up dramatically - call Jetset Plumbing.

We are the specialists in finding and repairing water leaks!

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We operate all throughout Brisbane.

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3,456 Google Reviews!
Ben was on time, prompt and quickly diagnosed a leak that my regular plumbers failed to detect.
I engaged Jetset Plumbing for their leak detection services to address a concern on a purchase property we had under contract. The administrative team were prompt and friendly to deal with at the time of booking and on the day. Matt was very punctual, friendly and professional. He was thorough, explained everything well and diligent in cleaning up after himself. I would highly recommend their reliable services.
Ben and Tyler turned up on time. Very helpful and informative. Sorted out our leak. Thanks
From the first phone call I found the reception at Jetset Plumbing to be extremely helpful and efficient. Ben arrived the next day on time and ready to find a water leak in the supply line from the water meter to my home. With a great deal of experience and the latest water tracking equipment he soon found the leak over one meter below ground level. A quick phone call and Nathen arrived to expose the faulty pipeline with the help of Ryse another willing team member. Both men were able to dig by hand a hole 1200cm deep and repair the split pipe. Many thanks to all the Jetset Plumbing team, you are a very professional Company, I will certainly be using you again. Terry Chiles.
Very satisfied with the completed task Jetset plumbing did today. Matt and Jesse did a great job fixing an underground leak at our home. Jetset Plumbing provided a detailed quote, the work was done professionally and on time. Matt and Jesse completed the job and left everything clean and tidy. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jetset Plumbing again and I would recommend them to my family and friends.
Matt attended our home in regards to finding a water leak. His professionalism was outstanding as our block is elevated and difficult to manage. Leak was located and a swift plan of action set in place to fix the leak.
Highly recommend Jetset Plumbing for your plumbing issues. We called and had Hebbs come the next day to fix our leaking issue. Thank you for the professional and quick job done. Will definitely use your company again.
Assisted in locating and repairing a leak under a concrete driveway and were quick to attend
Ben and Nathan sorted our water leak in a timely manner. Great guys, great work ethic. Have used previously and would highly recommend.
Had a deep underground leak. Jordan was very thorough finding the source and any further possible leaks. Consulted with us the whole way through, coming up with a custom solution. Definitely went above and beyond, making the best out of a stressful situation for us.
Rhys was tasked to find and fix the tiniest of leaks. He not only solved the problem, he was most approachable and considerate, and provided a solution that would take care of future issues. He offered further advice which was most helpful. Strongly recommended.
Ben found promtly our water leak and fixed it straight away
Your local 5 Star plumbers
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Kye the Leak Detection plumber with a customer

Leak Detection Specialists

Leak detection is a unique plumbing service that not all plumbers are equipped to do and do it well. The art is derived from hours of practice at specific leak detection training facilities.

Each of our plumbers also go through training in real-life scenarios, so they encounter every situation possible. Specific training has already been completed, prior to our specialists coming to your property.

Besides the unique training, our leak detection specialists are all fully licensed plumbers. That means that they have completed over 5 years of industry specific training to become qualified and licensed.

Our Leak Detection & Repair Services include:

Leaking taps
Collapsed pipes
Cracked pipes
Leaking pipes in walls
Corroded pipes
Rusted pipes
Leaking Pipe replacement
Pipe welding

Leak Detection plumber in Brisbane

With our ability to quickly and accurately detect leaks, we can determine if there are any other problems with your pipes and provide you with a list of solution options that would be most beneficial to you. Your comfort and safety are our priority.

In fact, we have built our success on delivering superior customer service and reliable plumbing services you can trust.

If you require leak detection or if you are dealing with a leaking pipe - Jetset Plumbing can take care of it for you. Our leak detection plumbers operate all over Brisbane.

Brisbane plumber detecting a water leak

How can you tell if you have a water leak?

There may be some obvious clues as to whether you have a water leak. You may encounter a leak you cannot see directly. There may be water pooling in an odd place, a damp spot on the lawn, a letter from the council or a high water bill.

Our professional leak detectors will find your leaking pipes fast and fix it on the spot! Our plumbers use the latest non-invasive leak detection technology, the High Frequency Ultra Sonic Listening Device and thermal camera imaging, to detect precisely where even the smallest leak is coming from.

The greatest advantage of our listening devices is that we don't need to punch holes into walls or drill into concrete to find the leak, our listening devices can detect leaking pipes through walls and concrete!

Because most leaks are hidden, they often go unnoticed and can result in a plumbing disaster if left ignored. With routine services delivered by our team, you can rest easy knowing that your property is leak-free.

Best of all, destruction is almost never necessary to locate leaks, thanks to our advanced tools and non-invasive practices.

This is why customers turn to Jetset Plumbing for leak detection services they can trust.

Brisbane plumber detecting leaks

Common causes of water leaks

Water leaks come in all sizes and types. Here are some common causes of leaking pipes:

  • Corrosion of pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Cracking pipes
  • Collapsing pipes
  • Rusting of pipes
  • Earth shifting
  • Vehicles parking above pipes
  • Old or worn fixtures
  • Water hammer

The Leak Detection Process

Step 1

All our leak detection specialists have years of experience both the field and in the classroom learning the finer details to give you the peace of mind knowing that your technician is highly trained to find and repair leaks.

Step 2

Using the latest in technology leak detection devices we can locate leaks anywhere.

Step 3

All our leak detectors are licensed plumbers so we can repair at the same time once we locate the leak.

Step 4

We always restore lawns, gardens and driveways - good as new!

We'll fix your leak!

Simply call Jetset Plumbing and a fully qualified, licensed and insured local leak detection plumber will come and fix your leak fast!

How much does leak detection cost?

It depends on where the leak is situated (inside the home, in the walls, outside on the property, under a concrete slab, etc) as to how difficult it is to locate and ultimately how much it would cost.

The real question is – how much is the water leak already costing you? Considering damage to walls, your property and not to mention a larger water bill!

By finding and fixing your leaks as soon as possible, you can reduce your water bill and prevent the need for costly additional services.

Call us and we can give you a quote.

How to check for water meter leaks

Leak Detection Plumbers

Jetset Plumbing is proud to be Brisbane's leader in the leak detection industry with our non-invasive leak detection tools and techniques. Whether you need leak detection performed in your home or business, we have the right equipment and expertise to provide the best solutions. Our leak detection expertise partnered with cutting-edge technology help locate all types of leaks for you in homes, businesses, factories and other properties.

Leak Detection Brisbane

We are Brisbane's leader in Non-Invasive Leak Detection. Our leak detection plumbers service Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Hidden Water Leak Detection

Leaks often go unnoticed as most are hidden and can result in a plumbing disaster down the line if you ignore it. Routine leak detection services allows you to rest easy knowing that your property is leak free. Digging up your yard or other property destruction is not necessary to locate leaks as we use advanced tools and non-invasive leak detection practices.

What can you do if you see water damage but can't find it?

If you know you can see water, but can't seem to locate the point of origin - one of our plumbers will be able to help you.

Be aware that not all maintenance plumbers have the special tools and skills needed to source if a leak is coming from a hidden underground location or inside walls.

Jetset Plumbing can provide a full range of solutions. We have a $0 Call Out fee and we will quote on the spot before proceeding. Call us for a quote today!

When it comes to leak detection - we are second to none! Our leak detection specialists will have you fixed up in no time. We are the go-to leak detection plumbers in Brisbane.

Leak Detection FAQs

Many people realise they have a water leak when they receive their high water bill, or notice a damp area in their yard. However, the most effective way you can find out that you have a hidden water leak, is by checking your water meter. If your water meter is continually spinning when no water is being used in the house (taps, toilets, showers, dishwashers, washing machines etc.), then you definitely have a hidden water leak on your property costing you thousands.
For a plumber to pinpoint where your water is leaking from, they need to use specialized equipment that allows the plumber to find where the leak is coming from. There are many forms of leak detection that allows plumbers to detect where the burst water pipe is, however, it is important that the most suitable method is used for your job.
Leak detection methods vary based on the nature of the situation. For concealed or hard-to-reach leaks, thermal imaging and infrared technology can identify temperature differences caused by water leaks. Acoustic leak detection employs sound amplification to pinpoint the source of leaks within walls or underground pipes. Tracer gases, like helium or nitrogen, are used to detect leaks in gas or water systems. Additionally, advanced methods such as electronic leak detection and moisture meters can be employed. The choice of method depends on factors like the type of leak, its location, and the materials involved. Our experienced leak detection professionals assess the situation and employ the most suitable method to accurately detect and address leaks, preventing potential damage and water wastage.
You must always check your plumber holds the relevant licenses for your state to ensure your work meets current plumbing regulations. This is to guarantee that all plumbing is installed correctly and safely allowing all warranties to stay valid. Some customers have had their plumbing installed by a non-licensed plumbing leaving them to have to have all their plumbing reinstalled correctly so they comply with regulations, at their own expense.

Last updated: 28 Feb 2024

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Top 9 Reasons Why More Locals Choose Jetset Plumbing!

1 Our Gold Medal Service
More and more locals are leaving 5 star reviews on Google explaining their great experiences with Jetset Plumbing.

2 No Call Out Fees
Never had them, never will! You should never pay for travel.

3 Fixed Flat Rates
You always know exactly what the job price is BEFORE we undertake any work.

4 Our Famous Promotions
We have run so many AMAZING promotions over the years and they keep getting better! We are proud to say we have changed some of our customers lives!

5 Fully Licenced Plumbers
This is an obvious one! We do not send apprentices to your job. Only licenced plumbers with years of experience.

6 Charitable Contributions
Jetset Plumbing gives back to our local communities as they are the people who keep us in a job!

7 Quality Workmanship Guarantee
Peace of mind that we will return if something goes wrong.

8 10% Pensioner and Senior Discounts
Because every little bit helps!

BONUS Reason:

9 Jetset Plumbing sponsor World Vision
Proceeds from every job are donated to World Vision for less fortunate people around the world. Locals know that the company they use serves a much larger purpose and is helping make a difference.

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