Detecting Underground Leaks (How Do Plumbers Do It?)

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Detecting Underground Leaks (How Do Plumbers Do It?)

An underground water leak can easily become a destructive nightmare if ignored for too long. Professional leak detection is your best defence against underground water leaks.

Detecting a leak and repairing it early on can save you from those alarmingly high water bills and stop litres upon litres of wasted water from going down the literal drain.

Jetset Plumbing are the specialists in leak detection. We use the latest in leak detection technology to investigate and locate those pesky underground leaks, so your property can be leak free in no time.

In this article we dive into how undergound water leaks are detected:

Detecting Underground Leaks (How Do Plumbers Do It?)

What Causes Underground Leaks?

Underground water leaks are usually the result of small pinholes that develop in the water pipes due to either external or internal forces.

Tree Roots

Trees, like any plants, survive on water and will therefore seek it in any capacity they can. Your pipelines provide an easily accessible water supply, especially if they're old or improperly installed.

The smallest pinhole in one of your water pipes can be all it takes for a tree's roots to infiltrate your plumbing system, resulting in a number of frustrating plumbing problems.


Corrosion often results in copper pipes becoming weakened and brittle. A number of factors can cause your water pipes to corrode, from imbalanced pH levels and oxidisation, to drain cleaning chemicals and water velocity. In any case, a corroded pipe is more susceptible to pipe bursts or damage from external elements.

While corrosion can occur in any pipeline system, new or old, it is particularly common in older systems as age adds to the wear and tear factor.

Environmental Factors

Then, of course, there is just the case of these underground pipeline systems being outdoors and at the mercy of environmental elements. Ground movement, nearby obstructions, or even fluctuations in temperature all have the ability to provoke a leak somewhere in the pipeline.

Signs You Might Have An Underground Leak

Water leaks can be one of the hardest plumbing problems to pick up on quickly, however there are some key warning signs to look out for that could indicate a potential leak.

Water Meter

Conducting a water meter test is one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not there is a leak on the property. If the water meter continues to detect water flow even after the water has been shut off, then there is a high chance you are dealing with a leak.

If you're unsure of how to run a water meter test, visit: How to Read a Water Meter (Checking For Leaks).

Water meter leak

Low Water Pressure

A sudden drop in your home's water pressure is often a key indicator of a water leak on your property. The same can be said for a slow decrease in water pressure. Usually when water pressure drops in one particular tap it indicates an issue with that one fixture, however a loss of water pressure throughout the entire house is more likely to indicate a larger underground leak.

High Water Bills

Your water bill is another easy way to determine whether or not there is a leak on the property. Generally speaking, most houses use a similar amount of water month to month, meaning a spike in usage and cost could be indicating a bigger problem.

Water Pooling

Puddles, muddy patches and excess water runoff are all possible signs of an underground water leak. If there is water pooling anywhere on the property you're most likely dealing with quite a large leak. While it is a nuisance, puddles and muddy patches do help to give away the general location of the leak.

How Do We Detect Underground Leaks?

How Do We Detect Underground Leaks?

At Jetset Plumbing, we use the latest in non-invasive leak detection technology to precisely detect even the smallest of underground leaks. Using high frequency ultrasonic listening devices and thermal imaging cameras, our plumbers are able to locate the leak without needing to dig up your yard. Non-invasive leak detection saves your garden and driveway for unnecessary damage.

Water leaks, no matter how small, produce noise. High frequency ultrasonic listening devices allow plumbers to pick up on this sound in-order to pinpoint the location of the leak. Under the right conditions, thermal imaging can also be used to indicate a leaking point in the pipe system by picking up on temperature differences.

Once the leak has been located our plumbers can repair it fast, using either traditional replacement methods or a more modern pipe relining process.

If you've started to notice possible signs of an underground leak, call us at Jetset Plumbing on 1800 443 996. We'll have a Brisbane leak detection specialist or a Gold Coast leak detection specialist out to you in no time.

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