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Pipe relining - before and after
Pipe relining is a cheaper and more effective way to fix broken and damaged pipes. Traditional methods included the digging up of the yard and concrete slabs and dismantling walls - in order to replace the broken or damaged pipe completely.

Relining drains and sewer pipes involves inserting a pipe liner into the existing drain pipe. The liner then becomes permanently fixed to the surrounding pipe, essentially replacing the pipe from within - all without the need to dig your yard up!

Beware Of Inferior Imitators


If you have been doing some research on pipe relining systems - you've probably seen a few different types. (Some are different colours.) And like most people you are probably assuming they are all the same.

However, be aware that there are some major differences to the products - especially the quality of the final end result.

One of the main differences is how our product actually flows into the joins and cracks of the pipe before setting. This gives the pipe a secure seal. Notice how the inferior product doesn't. It leaves a gap and allows material and especially tree roots to grow into these crevices and cause repeat damage in the near future.

When getting your pipes relined, please insist only on Watermark Approved and Brawoliner products.

How Does It Work?

Clean the pipe with a water jetter
Step 1.
We will clean and remove any obstruction, such as tree roots, with our high pressure 5,000 psi (pounds per square inch) water jetter.

Inspect the drain with a drain camera
Step 2.
We will assess your pipes and drains using the latest in CCTV drain camera technology.

We will see what the problems are and where.

Reline the pipe
Step 3.
Once the pipe has been cleaned - we insert a WaterMark Approved drain liner that contains a special resin.

A bladder is inflated to seal the lining against the inside of the pipe.

The liner is left to cure and harden, and the bladder removed.

Pipe relining finished
Step 4.
We do a final inspection with the drain camera to ensure the pipe is 100% sealed and leak proof.

Top 9 Reasons To Reline Your Pipe

Repair Pipes With No Digging
Your property is not disturbed.
"No Dig" technology.
25 Year Guarantee
25 Year Guarantee.
Watermark Approved
Watermark Approved.
Meets Australian Standards.
Repairs are carried out quickly
Repairs are carried out quickly.
Free camera inspection every year
Free camera inspection every year for your peace of mind.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!
Cost effective
Cost effective.
4x stronger than standard PVC pipes
4x stronger than standard PVC pipes.
Tree roots can't penetrate
Tree roots can't penetrate.

Pipe relining van

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100% Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Latest In Technology

  • Repair Pipes With No Digging
  • Non Intrusive Pipe Repairs
  • Repair Pipes Quickly
  • Impervious To Tree Roots
  • Free Camera Inspection Every 12 Months
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Durability For Over 50 Years
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • WaterMark Approved Brawoliner Reliner
  • 25 Year Guarantee

Why We Guarantee For 25 Years

25 Year Guarantee Free Camera Inspection Watermark Approved
We offer a 25 year guarantee on our workmanship and the pipe lining product!

We also offer an annual inspection of your relined pipework free of charge. So you have absolute complete peace of mind.

Jetset Plumbing use WaterMark Approved and Brawoliner technology for all our pipe relining.

The Brawoliner was designed specifically to repair damaged pipes for a wide range of materials, diameters and difficult situations.

We find Brawoliner technology to be far superior than other pipe relining methods that may be used by other plumbers.
Ray Warren - Plumbing
Ray Hadley 4BC - Plumbing

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