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Pipe relining - before and after
Pipe relining is a cheaper and more effective way to fix broken and damaged pipes. Traditional methods included the digging up of the yard and concrete slabs and dismantling walls - in order to replace the broken or damaged pipe completely.

Relining drains and sewer pipes involves inserting a pipe liner into the existing drain pipe. The liner then becomes permanently fixed to the surrounding pipe, essentially replacing the pipe from within - all without the need to dig your yard up!

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Beware Of Inferior Imitators

If you have been doing some research on pipe relining systems - you've probably seen a few different types. (Some are different colours.) And like most people you are probably assuming they are all the same.

However, be aware that there are some major differences to the products - especially the quality of the final end result.

One of the main differences is how our product actually flows into the joins and cracks of the pipe before setting. This gives the pipe a secure seal. The inferior product doesn't. It leaves a gap and allows material and especially tree roots to grow into these crevices and cause repeat damage in the near future.

When getting your pipes relined, please insist only on Watermark Approved and Brawoliner products.

Jetset Plumbing provide pipe relining services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

How Does It Work?

Clean the pipe with a water jetter

Step 1.

Our process starts with a thorough customer consultation.

We then water jet the drain with our high pressure 5000 PSI drain cleaner to remove any obstructions such as tree roots and to clean the pipe.

Inspect the drain with a drain camera

Step 2.

Using a CCTV drain camera, we inspect the entire drain to determine and locate any problems such as holes or cracks within the drain.

A custom made bladder and liner is inserted into the drain and placed into position

Step 3.

A custom made bladder and liner is inserted into the drain and placed into position spanning over the damaged section.

The bladder is inflated with compressed air which expands and forces the epoxy resin filled liner to conform and bond internally to the existing pipe

Step 4.

The bladder is inflated with compressed air which expands and forces the epoxy resin filled liner to conform and bond internally to the existing pipe.

The liner is left to cure creating a solid pipe within the pipe.

Once the liner is cured, the bladder is deflated and removed leaving the newly created pipe set in place

Step 5.

Once the liner is cured, the bladder is deflated and removed leaving the newly created pipe set in place.

A final CCTV inspection is conducted and the pipe is ready for full use

Step 6.

A final CCTV inspection is conducted and the pipe is ready for full use.

Top Reasons To Reline

Repair Pipes With No Digging
Your property is not disturbed.
"No Dig" technology.
25 Year Guarantee
25 Year Guarantee.
Watermark Approved
Watermark Approved.
Meets Australian Standards.
Repairs are carried out quickly
Repairs are carried out quickly.
Free camera inspection every year
Free camera inspection every year for your peace of mind.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!
Cost effective
Cost effective.
4x stronger than standard PVC pipes
4x stronger than standard PVC pipes.
Tree roots can't penetrate
Tree roots can't penetrate.

Pipe relining van

$0 Call Out Fees
10% Seniors Discount
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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4.8 Star rating 3,582 Google Reviews
4.8 Stars based on
3,582 Google Reviews!
Friendly and on time and he went above and beyond. I’ve used Jetset plumbing on 3 occasions and I’ll keep using them!
Big thank you to Jetset plumbing for fixing the damaged drain pipe in our property. We had a broken pipe filled with tree roots under the concrete floor slab that caused blockage to our toilet downstair, laundry and kitchen sink, and the method that the Jetset plumbing used, was pipe relining, a more cost effective way of fixing broken pipe than digging and excavating to get the pipe replaced. Apparently there's hole in the pipe somewhere where the tree roots entered and have been growing inside for a while. We booked online after we did some google search and ended up with Jetset plumbing. After the booking, Zane came first the next day to inspect and organised everything and provided us with very detailed information about the cost and the product that they will use to carry out the job. The following day Steve and Nathan came and did more work, initially to carry out the pipe relining, however there's a bit of problem because they were unable to see the exact location of the cracked hole in the pipe, as it's some where along the junction which was very hard to see, but they did most of the cleaning, and removed most of the tree roots that blocks the main pipe which gave us some relief, meaning that we could use the kitchen sink and the toilet in the mean time, but not the laundry because it connects through that junction. Zane came few hours later on the same day to do more cctv drain camera using the string, so it can navigate freely through the junction, he was able to pinpoint the exact location of the cracked hole, as this will help the next team to carry out the job more precisely. Finally we were booked for another team to come and do the relining two days later in the morning by Windom and Josh, and they both did an excellent job. Windom was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful when carrying out the job , and he stayed till the job is completely finished and did a clean up as most of the works took place inside our garage, and after the job was done, Windom gave us the Reline warranty book and took the time to explain about the warranty and the free annual inspection, he even drew a very nice diagram sketch on the booklet to better explain where the reline job took place within the pipe. Overall, we just want to send our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone involved ( Zane, Steve, Nathan , Windom and Josh) they're all very professional, and very patient when we asked questions. Zane was super helpful throughout the process from the beginning and really kept us and the teams well informed about the job. This is our first time using Jetset plumbing and now we know which plumber to call if there's another plumbing issue in the future. Also knowing that their reline product has 25 years warranty with free annual inspection, really gives us that reassurance and peace of mind. We consider ourselves to be incredibly lucky to find Jetset plumbing. Highly recommended
Mike did a very awesome job in locating and repair of our clogged stormwater pipe. Very professional and efficient. I definetly recommend Jetset plumbing Ipswich. Thanks.
Cruz was very professional, helpful and got the job done quickly. We had recently moved into the house so he also took us through our plumbing/water system which was great. Highly recommend, even received a gift to say thank you! Will use again.
Great service by Josh
Extremely good quality of progressional work. Glen was an asset to the trade and a true professional
First time customer and will absolutely be using their services again! Very professional, timely and all-round fantastic to deal with.
I have used Jetset plumbing several times and I'm always happy with their service. Mike was on time, thorough and helpful and I would definitely recommend him or any of the wonderful staff at Jetset plumbing.
Was very impressed. Jordan was very friendly and knowledgeable. He explained exactly what he was doing and the cost before he started. Will definitely use again. 😁
Great, prompt service. Nathan was very polite, kept his mask on the entire time( thank you Covid) and worked happily and efficiently.
Excellent service very fast response very professional highly recommended
We had an underground pipe leak and needed a no dig pipe repair. Tom was excellent. He arrived on time and was very friendly. He was very polite and courteous and was very thorough in explaining the work that needed to be carried out. Tom did a great job and I’m very happy with the result. I highly recommend the Jetset Plumbing. Thanks team!

Pipe Relining Experts

Latest In Technology

Tick Repair Pipes With No Digging

Tick Non Intrusive Pipe Repairs

Tick Repair Pipes Quickly

Tick Impervious To Tree Roots

Tick Free Camera Inspection Every 12 Months

Tick Very Cost Effective

Tick Durability For Over 50 Years

Tick 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Tick WaterMark Approved Brawoliner Reliner

Tick 25 Year Guarantee

Why We Guarantee For 25 Years

25 Year Guarantee
Free Camera Inspection
Watermark Approved

We offer a 25 year guarantee on our workmanship and the pipe lining product!

We also offer an annual inspection of your relined pipework free of charge. So you have absolute complete peace of mind.

Jetset Plumbing use WaterMark Approved and Brawoliner technology for all our pipe relining.

The Brawoliner was designed specifically to repair damaged pipes for a wide range of materials, diameters and difficult situations.

We find Brawoliner technology to be far superior than other pipe relining methods that may be used by other plumbers.

Pipe Relining FAQs

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining uses an epoxy resin liners to create an extremely strong, new inner pipe within cracked or broken pipes.

This keyhole technology avoids the need to dig up and replace the pipe. This means that businesses can get back to work faster (saving time and money), and you and your family can get back to using your plumbing in just a few hours.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Relining?

1. It Solves a Wide Range of Pipe Issues.

Pipe relining can solve a variety of pipe issues. Cracks, deformities, leaks, rust, and breakage are all easily repaired with the proper materials and methods.

2. It's Cheaper

If you don't want to spend the money needed to replace the entire pipe system, pipe relining is a cost-effective solution. It's also relatively quick, which means labour costs won't be as high as with full pipe replacement. The materials used will also not break the bank. When you combine these benefits with the fact that no substantial construction work is required, pipe relining is often far less expensive.

3. It's Fast and Convenient

You may think that any work involving plumbing pipes will be time-consuming. This is generally true, especially when considering pipe replacement, excavation, and construction work. Pipe relining is an exception since it eliminates the need for extensive excavations, pipe removal, and replacement. This saves time spent waiting, overseeing repairs, and plumbing downtime. Downtime should always be kept to a minimum when it comes to your plumbing, especially when it's going to impact your business.

4. No Need to Dig Up and Damage Your Property

If you're worried about the damage and noise that your pipe repairs can produce, don't be! Because there is no significant excavation or construction required. pipe relining minimises disturbance or harm to the surrounding region and eliminates noise. This is especially true if the pipe runs under your house or driveway.

5. It's Highly Durable and Long Lasting

A relined pipe will last for decades. The materials used are typically stronger than the original pipe, making your pipes more resistant to damage. It also provides you with peace of mind because you won't have to worry about your pipes.

Jetset Plumbing offers a 25-year guarantee on our workmanship and pipe relining products.

When Do I Need Pipe Relining?

If your property is experiencing plumbing blockages, leaks, generating unusual sounds, odours, or sink holes are forming, it may be time to consider pipe relining.

If you feel this is the case, our team of pipe relining experts can use CCTV pipe inspection cameras to look for any obstructions or damage. Using water jetting / pipe cleaning equipment, we may clear up the region for a thorough examination to determine if pipe relining is the best option.

How Long Does Pipe Relining Take?

When compared to trench excavation and replacement, pipe relining is quick and easy. Most relining can take anywhere from 4 hours to a day, depending on the severity of the damage, length of repair, and placement of the pipes. Larger commercial jobs may require more time.

What is the Process of Pipe Relining?

Our Pipe Relining process is completed through a 6 step process.

Step 1

Our process begins with an in-depth customer consultation.

The drain is then water jetted with our high pressure 5000 PSI drain cleaner to remove any blockages such as tree roots and clean the line.

Step 2

We inspect the entire pipe with a CCTV drain camera to assess and locate any issues, such as holes or cracks.

Step 3

A custom-made bladder and liner are moved down the drain and positioned over the damaged area.

Step 4

The bladder is inflated with compressed air, which causes the epoxy resin-filled liner to mould and bind to the existing pipe internally.

The liner is allowed to cure, resulting in a new solid pipe within the pipe.

Step 5

When the liner is ready, the bladder is deflated and removed, leaving the freshly formed pipe in place.

Step 6

A final CCTV inspection is performed, and the pipe is now fully functional.

Are All Pipe Relining Services the Same?


Here at Jetset Plumbing, we use top-tier pipe relining technology to ensure long-lasting and highly durable pipes.

Brawoliner are the world leader in pipe relining technology and we've found them to be far superior to other pipe relining brands used by many other plumbers. And that's why we exclusively use Brawoliner pipe relining.

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Last updated: 24 May 2024

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Google Rating
4.8 Star rating
Based on 3,582 reviews