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Gas Plumbing & Fitting Services

If you are in need of gas plumbing or gas hot water specialists for repairs or installation around your home or business, Jetset Plumbing are the number one team to call.

Every member of our team are licensed gas plumbers, we offer the highest standard of service and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the job when it is completed.

We ensure that all our gas plumbers are specialists in the leading gas brands such as Rinnai, Bosch, Dux and Saxon.

Gas Plumbing and Hot Water Installs

Our Gas Plumbing Services:

    Gas Installation
    Gas Hot Water Systems
    Gas Leak Repair
    Gas Pipe Repairs
    Solar Hot Water with Gas Boost
    Instantaneous Hot Water System
    Gas Compliance Certificates

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Gas systems run off one of two gases, the first being LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) which is delivered usually via bottles, the second is natural gas (or mains/reticulated gas) which is delivered via a piped network.

Gas heaters are required to meet the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), these levels are based on the maximum yearly energy consumption and performance level.

Gas storage and instantaneous water heaters must meet MEPS, however, heat pumps and solar hot water units are not regulated by these standards.

In general, gas systems emit far fewer greenhouse gases than their electric hot water system counterparts – up to 35% less. These systems also usually have cheaper upfront costs than installing solar hot water systems.

Although, if there is no natural gas connected to your home than you will need a mains gas connection or use bottled gas (LPG). Depending on your household ad how much hot water you use, LPG may be costlier to run as opposed to natural gas.

Give Jetset Plumbing a call today and chat to our knowledgeable office staff to schedule in a gas plumber that bests suits your requirements and availability.

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