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Four Major Signs of a Blocked Drain

A blocked drainage is a nightmare for many households. As water doesn't drain properly, it can lead to further problems not limited to your drainage system. Fortunately, blocked drainages show warning signs before they break down and destroy your pipes, here are four telltale signs:

It Takes Too Long To Drain

It should not take a couple of seconds to drain flowing water from the surface of your sink or shower. As for bathtubs and toilets, the water should create a whirlpool motion when draining to indicate that it's flowing continuously. If these take longer than expected, it's a sign that the blockage is starting to accumulate more debris in the pipeline.

Blocked Drain Major Signs

It Is Overflowing

The easiest sign to tell if there is a blockage in your drains is when the toilet overflows when flushing. As water cannot pass through the pipes properly, it back-flows and causes the water to rise. In some cases, water pressure (such as a plunger) is enough to remove such a blockage, if this is not the case, professional servicing is advisable.

It Starts to Smell

A blockage is present if the area around your kitchen sink, shower, bathtub, or toilet starts to smell. Anything stuck in the pipelines can catch debris, like food, hair strands, or anything solid, and accumulates over time. As these remain untreated, they'll start to decompose and spread foul odour back through the pipe openings.

It Makes Strange Noises

Do you hear any gurgling sound whenever you're draining water from the sink or simply taking a shower? Then it's a sign to have your pipes checked. This sound is due to water flow disruptions, especially when the pressure is high. If water doesn't flow straight down, it creates noise upon hitting whatever is stuck in the pipeline.

Don't wait for these warning signs to become a serious matter. Jetset Plumbing understands that such problems know no boundaries.

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