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Top 3 Causes Of A Blocked Drain

It is almost a rite of passage when living in your own home to go through a blocked drain scenario. You can be almost guaranteed to go through it more than a few times in your life and each time it doesn’t get any easier.

Blocked drains are downright filthy – they are full of bacteria and can emit foul odours which means that if you suspect you have one, you need to get on top of it right away.

There are a number of things that could cause a blocked drain from a build-up of gunk to foreign things being caught in the drain. Here are the three most common things that may be causing of blocking your drain:

Top 3 Causes Of A Blocked Drain
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1. Build-up of Grease and Fat

Grease and fat build-up are up there with one of the most common causes of a blocked drain or blocked sewer.

The reason for this being is that most households will cook with oils and fats at least once a day and they are a by-product of most dinners.

The reason that these substances are so prone to causes blockages is that they are very sticky in sewerage systems, meaning that once they are washed down the sink they will only travel a short way before attaching to the inside of your pipes.

Over time this will build-up so that eventually no liquid can pass. Even though fats and grease are one of the most common causes, they are also the easiest to fix.

Be sure to scrape off congealed fat and grease into your garbage before washing plates and pans.

2. Trees and Leaves

Unsurprisingly, the way you maintain your garden and lawn can influence how efficiently your drains perform. Large and small gardens alike need to be thoroughly maintained in order to keep leaves and fallen debris from being washed down the drain and cause obstructions.

Tree roots can also cause major damage as they actually seek out the nearest water source – even if it happens to be in a pipe.

We recommend that no trees are to be planted within 5 metres of the nearest pipes to minimise any potential blockages.

Tree roots and leaves blocking drains
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3. Hair Build-Up

Pushing long pieces of hair down the drain as a way to avoid it is a sure-fire way to cause a blocked drain.

Naturally, hair falls off the body while in the bathroom and a fair bit of hair comes out when washing hair, especially people with long hair.

Sometimes this can be resolved by pulling out the block with gloves on, however you may have to speak to a blocked drain specialist if the problem is greater than expected.

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