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Common Causes of a Leaking Toilet

Many of us have to deal with a leaking toilet at some point. It is one of those household problems that cannot be left unattended for long. Detecting the cause of leakage can be somewhat of a challenge, here are some of the most common causes:


Corrosion can occur at any place in your pipes or toilet assembly, this can be a result of impurities in the water, age, chemical reactions, or a combination of all three. Corrosion is potentially the most physically damaging thing that can happen to your plumbing fixtures and pipes since it typically occurs from within them.

Rusty Pipes

Rust is a result of corrosion that only affects the metallic parts of a toilet assembly. As many parts of a toilet are underwater continually, rust development is often a result from submerged components.

Toilet being repaired

Cracked Tank

The tank is a large container where the water flows into the bowl when you flush the toilet. If the tank cracks and begins to leak water, it must be replaced immediately.

Cracked Bowl

If the bowl of your toilet cracks for any reason, you must replace your toilet immediately. A cracked bowl can cause property damage and waste a lot of water.

Faulty Connections

The various toilet connections tend to become loose with time. Rubber linings used to ensure watertight connections also wear away, causing toilet leakage. It is best to replace any worn out or damaged parts to prevent leakages. It is a good idea if you check your toilet connections periodically to make sure they’re in good condition.

Faulty Float

The float is a hollow ball that floats on the water surface in the toilet tank. When cracked or not well aligned, it causes the fill valve to run continuously. This causes toilet leakage.

If you have a leaking toilet, call Jetset Plumbing. A professional plumber may be able to repair some leaks and may have to replace your toilet for others. A leaky toilet is important to remedy as leaks can cause massive property damage and cost you money in wasted water.


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