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Plumbing News, Tips and Advice - Page 6

Leaking Plumbing Could Cause Termite Infestation

When homeowners hear the word termite they often break into a sweat, and rightfully so. Termites are estimated to cause about $1.5 billion a year in damage to homes in Australia alone and some estimates claim that 80% of homes in south east Queensland have some termite activity. Because of this, home insurance policies do not cover termite damage, so any repair cost will be entirely on the home owner. But many people don't realise that aging or faulty plumbing can be one of the main factors that attract termites to your home.

Bad Bathroom Odour's? Your Plumber Can Help!

Bathrooms and toilets are parts of the hygiene of our daily lives, and because of this they get a large number of things such as dead skin, hair, oils, human waste and saliva washed down them every day. Your plumbing thanks to things like p-traps and vents are designed in such a way that the bad smell of these human waste products and the smell of the sewer that the pipes are connected to don't travel back up the drain and into you house.

South Korean Invention to Make Plungers Redundant?

As all of our plumbers will tell you unblocking a clogged toilet is not a nice job. Any time you have to put something down the drain to unblock it such as a drain snake or a plunger there is a potential for the mess of water and bacteria to get all over you. But a South Korean inventor named Seung-il Kim has changed all that with his invention the “Pung-too”.

How to Become a Plumber, Top Tips for the Future Plumber

All across the country there is a shortage of Plumbers with skilled workers in high demand. A quick search on shows that nationwide there are 100's of positions currently available. So why is there such a skill shortage? A large part of it is due to the fact that many high school students are miss informed as to what a plumber and does and believes that the skills required are all physical and no brains. But this couldn't be further from the truth, when becoming a plumber you learn about physics, hydrodynamics and business, all while getting paid on the job.

Non-Invasive Leak Detection, Why it will save you money.

We all know that plumbing can leak, especially in older systems or when no installed professionally in the first place, but quite often those leaks are out of site, in the plumbing in your walls on under your house. These leaks can go unidentified for years causing long term damage and costing you money in both water and repair bills.

Summer Storms Are Coming to Brisbane, Can Your Plumbing Handle It?

It's that time of year again, summer is on its way, and in Queensland whilst that means beaches, barbecues, and 35 degree day's it also means storms, and lots of them. With an average of between 100mm and 150mm of rainfall per month in summer for Brisbane, it's vitally important to ensure your down pipes, gutters and storm water drains are up to standard and ready for the summer onslaught to avoid flooding.

Electric Hot Water Systems, a Trouble Shooting Guide

Everyone loves a nice hot shower, and there is nothing more frustrating than going to work feeling limp from your cold shower. We have all experienced hot water supply issues, so today we walk you through the simple troubleshooting steps you can take to diagnose a problem with your electric water heater.

The 5 Most Common Household Plumbing Problems, and How to Prevent Them

Plumbers are called out to households for all sorts of reasons, some major like flooded basements and other more common like a leaky tap or shower head. But there are five reasons people call a plumber that are by far more common than others.

The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist That Can Save You Thousands

Everyone know that when it come to your health prevention is better than cure, and the same goes for plumbing. Knowing your households plumbing systems and their current condition can help prevent any unwanted massive plumbing bills. Although household maintenance can feel like a chore, keeping on top of things will allow you to budget for things like aging water heaters and rusted pipes as you will see the changes.

Taking photos of things like aging pipes and water heaters will allow you to accurately track the wear and tear helping plumbers or yourself diagnose the problem making it easier and cheaper to fix.

There are some things you can check on a regular basis to help get a better idea of the quality of your plumbing overtime.

11 Things Someone You Know Flushes That They Shouldn’t

Our Plumbers are the experts in unblocking clogged drains, and in our time in the field we have come across some very interesting and unusual items clogging drains. While there is no blocked drain that our team cant fix, we decided we would make a list of all the interesting things we frequently find down the drain! Remember that drains are for water and human waste only, everything else should be disposed of responsibly in the bin.

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