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Looking for a local plumber to fix a shower?

A leaking shower can cause more problems than just the price of your water bill! There is no reason to leave your shower dripping.

Jetset Plumbing offers fast and affordable solutions to fix your broken or leaking showers.

Our plumbers work carefully to locate the problem and then the exact cause of that problem to best ensure that they are giving you the best repair possible.

Fix A Shower

If you have seen that you shower tiles are cracked either on the floor or along the walls, this is cause for concern as over time, a significant amount of water can breach small cracks. Another tip is to look at the silicone seals at the floor and wall as well as where the door and shower screen meet. Shrinkage and mould can both mean that water is getting through to places where it shouldn’t be.

If your grout is completely gone in some sections or even just crumbling away, this could mean you have a leak as a lot of water passes over the floor each shower and even small cracks can let too much water pass.

Other things that a skilled and licensed plumber will be able to check is; if there are any leaks in your shower’s drainage system or surrounding areas, if there are any leaks behind the shower wall, if your shower head is leaking into the wall cavity, and if the waterproof membrane is no longer waterproof.

It is always best to leave this kind of plumbing to the professionals, as they will be able to fix your shower in no time at all, and, you will also receive a warranty on the service so you know it will be reliable.

Everyone uses a shower, every single day. There is no way to ignore it if your shower is playing up. Here are some of the reasons why you should call a plumber to fix your shower as soon as possible; your water bills will skyrocket, you are wasting a precious resource, damp spots from leaking can turn into mould, leaving them for too long will cause permanent damage which will just mean a bigger expense for you.

Call a Brisbane plumber or a Gold Coast plumber now.

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