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How to Tell If You Have A Blocked Stormwater Drain

A blocked stormwater drain can leave devastating results in or out of you're home. Blocked stormwater drains are no good at any time during the year, however, they pose a greater risk during periods of excessive rain.

In south-east Queensland these periods are between November until the next April.

Stormwater is the water that drains from your home into a runoff that is connected with other homes. Your stormwater management system is meant to function in a way that protects public; health, infrastructure, ecosystems and communities.

The most common answer to a blocked stormwater drain is that it is blocked from mud, dirt, leaves roots and silt.

When these materials enter pipes, it interrupts the flow of water and quickly results in a clogging somewhere along the pipes. Unblocking stormwater drains as a DIY task is not recommended as they have a unique nature and affect more than just your household.

How to Tell If You Have A Blocked Stormwater Drain

Prevention is better than cure, there are a few steps that every household can incorporate to best allow stormwater drains to work at their optimal potential. There should be regular removal of leaves sticks and dirt from both gutters and down-pipes to avoid the great build-up that could occur.

Gutter guards are a handy piece of equipment that can be installed to stop leaves and sticks from entering the pipes in the first place, they can also be installed on stormwater grates too.

Storm water drain

The most effective way of clearing a blocked stormwater drain is for an experienced and qualified stormwater plumber to use a High Pressure Water Jetter. These water jetters have unbelievable water blasting capabilities unlike anything else and can completely clear drains that were once blocked with roots and other gunk.

When our experienced plumbers use a water jetter, they often pair it with a CCTV drain inspection for peace of mind for the customer. This live feed can show the customer exactly the cause of the stormwater block and the extent of the damage.

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