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Looking for a local plumber to do leak detection?

When left for too long, water leaks are some of the most destructive plumbing issues. At Jetset Plumbing, we know that leaks can be very difficult to detect if you are not a skilled plumber.

Plumber detecting a water leak

It’s not the leaks that you can see that should worry you, it’s the ones behind walls and underground that are the silent killers. Our specialist leak detection services are second to none.

The way that inside leak detection works is through thermal imaging. Our plumbers are required to undertake special courses and training to become proficient in using equipment like this. This imaging is required because leaks are often too difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Thermal imaging detects changes in temperature, even if it is under concrete, in walls or behind tiles! These changes in temperature indicate to our plumbers that a leak is evident, all with non-invasive technology!

Some common signs of a water leak include; strangely expensive water bills – if you haven’t had to fill up the pool recently but the cost of your water bill suggests that you’ve had 10 people showering every day for the past few months, you likely have a leak.

If you can hear water running even when everything is turned off, this is another sign. Also, if there is a musty smell or you have spotted mould growing – make sure you get this checked out as soon as possible.

Plumber with a leak detector kit

Fixing leaks quickly are vital for yours and others safety and wellbeing as well as for the integrity of your own plumbing network. Some of the biggest reasons to fix a leak include: electrical hazards – water and electricity do not mix, if there is a hidden leak in your walls it may be all too close to some wiring.

Stained ceilings from water can quickly lead to an outbreak of mould, at the very least you will need to whip out the paint brush and tin as damp patches will discolour quickly. Floor leaks can also wreak havoc with carpet, act now before the price of ripping up and replacing mouldy carpet is added to the list!

Call us today to find and fix your leak! Brisbane and Gold Coast plumbers.

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