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How Much Does It Cost To Clear a Blocked Drain?

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A blocked drain will test even the best of us. Blocked drains can cause flooding when it rains and what’s worse - they can cause your toilet to back up and you could have raw sewage flooding into your property and home.

Blocked stormwater drain

You need someone to clear that blocked drain and clear it fast.

You need someone with the right expertise and the right equipment. For a severly blocked drain you are definitely going to need a professional and insured plumber.

If there is raw sewage spilling everywhere - you will need a good plumber - fast!

Did you know? Only a licensed plumber can legally do any work on your home's drain system.

Hiring a plumber to clear a blocked drain

Ok, so you need a plumber to clear that blocked drain ... here at Jetset Plumbing we pride ourselves on our Gold Medal Service and expertise in clearing clogged drains.

Here are just some of the reasons to go with someone you can trust - Jetset Plumbing:

- We are licensed professional plumbers
- We are fully insured
- We have thousands of 5 Star testimonials and customer reviews
- We have fixed flat rates
- We are friendly and reliable plumbers
- You can talk to us and trust us.

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How Much Does It Cost To Clear a Blocked Drain?

What’s the cost of clearing a blocked drain?

The cost of undertaking the work to clear a block drain varies with what is actually involved and what the cause of the issue is.

Do you need something simple like unblocking a sink or shower drain? Or is it more complicated - such as tree roots that have grown into the pipes that need removing? Once the blockage is cleared - do your old and broken pipes need repairing?

If you need a quote - we can do that too.

At Jetset Plumbing our plumbers don’t charge a call out fee. You only pay for the cost of the job.

If you need the work to be carried out on a Saturday or Sunday you are in for great news. On the weekends we are open and we charge our usual weekday rates!

So call Jetset Plumbing now to get your blocked drain fixed fast.

3 Signs to Indicate A Blocked Drain

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