Vulcan Hot Water Systems

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Vulcan Hot Water Systems

Vulcan has a reputation of high performance and high quality. The reason for this being, their hot water systems are built with quality durable materials and technology that are built to last.

The storage cylinders are made from high strength steel that can withstand the variance in water temperatures and pressure.

Vulcan hot water system

Vulcan Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

The Vulcan Quick Recovery system comes in two sizes, the smaller storage capacity of 135L and the larger capacity of 170L. The gas energy rating for both of these systems is 4 stars and both tanks come with a 5-year warranty. Both of these models would be ideal for families or households that contain up to four people.

Vulcan tanks are some of the easier ones to install and can either be installed against a wall or into a wall cavity.

Vulcan Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

There are three different ranges on Vulcan’s electric department, these include; Vulcan Single Element Left Handed, Vulcan Single Element Dual Hand and Vulcan Twin Element. The capacity of these tanks’ ranges from 50L to 410L and the warranty is 5 or 10 years depending on the capacity.

When choosing what system is best for you, it is vital to consider your current needs and also the needs of your family or household.

If you can see your family or household growing in the near future or even just children turning into teenagers – it is definitely worth both your time and money to consider investing in a larger model.

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