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Bosch Hot Water Systems

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Bosch Hot Water Systems

With more than 100 years experience in supplying hot water systems around the globe, Bosch is a popular choice when it comes to hot water installation.

Bosch Hot Water Systems

Bosch Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

The continuous flow systems that Bosch has developed include the; Bosch OptiFlow Range, Bosch Mechanical Range, Bosch Condensing Range and the Bosch Commercial Range.

All of these systems provide an unlimited supply of hot water with the added benefit of being compact and space efficient.

The premium OptiFlow model is Bluetooth compatible with smart phones and tablets, boasts a six-star energy efficiency and is available from 16L to 26L.

The more traditional Mechanical Range only requires a gas supply and has a capacity of 10L to 16L.

The Condensing Range is the most energy efficient, coming in at a 6.7-star rating, the reason for the efficiency is due to the secondary heat exchange that occurs.

While the Commercial Range is not as energy efficient at 4.7 stars, it excels when the demand for a larger volume of water is required.

Bosch Electric Hot Water Systems

Bosch only has one electric hot water system in range, the Tronic 1000T. This range is completely durable with lined steel. These models range from 80L to 400L and is suitable for both internal and external installations depending on model size. The Tronic 1000T has a seven-year cylinder warranty and a two-year parts and labour warranty.

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