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How To Unblock A Stormwater Drain - Jetset Plumbing

How to Unblock A Stormwater Drain - DIY Tips

There is nothing quite like an afternoon storm on a humid Queensland day… that is until you begin to worry if your stormwater drainage system is in proper working order. When these storms hit every day they can be relentless as we have seen in the past years, so you and your house need to be adequately prepared for the storm seasons to come. It is vital to have good stormwater drainage as a property owner as flooding can cause catastrophic damage to your home and surrounding areas. The ideal way to prepare for this is to have clean and maintained stormwater drains and pipes that allow water to run away from your property. Your stormwater drains can become blocked from a multitude of things including mud, dirt, leaves, heavy roots and silt. Prevention is the best medicine, be sure to stick to a maintenance plan to prevent damage. Check your drains at least once a fortnight for a build-up of debris and remove if needed, check downpipes for foreign objects at least monthly and consider having your drains professionally jetted once a year. It is also recommended to check your stormwater drain before a predicted storm or after a storm or seasonal change. As the stormwater system affects more than just you and your property, unfortunately unblocking your drain doesn’t feel into one of those DIY projects. It is instead a task that is required to be undertaken by a professional plumber.

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