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Storm Season Means Blocked Drains, What You Can Do To Prevent Them

With the wet week Brisbane is currently having and it being the first major rain of the season it is inevitable that downpipes and storm water drain are going to have blockages. After the drier winter months leaf litter and loose top soil shifts during heavy rain are likely to have run off into your downpipes and drains.

If you are unlucky and this has caused a blockage, it is vital to get this fixed as soon as possible to ensure that any future rain (Brisbane is forecast to have a wet summer) doesn't cause any flooding and damage to your property. When shopping around for a plumber to fix the problem ensure they have CCTV drain cameras and high pressure water jetters to ensure that your blockage is correctly diagnosed and treated the first time.

Storm Season is Here

If you are one of the lucky ones and after the last couple of days of rain you haven't had a blockage yet there are a few simple things you can do to minimise the risk of future blockages occurring:

  • Remove all leaf little loose top soil and any other debris that could potentially get washed into the drains with rain
  • Clean your gutters and roof removing any leaves, twigs or other debris
  • Install gutter guards or similar systems to prevent blockages in gutters and down pipes
  • Trim / Remove any overhanging branches that will drop leaves and debris into your yard and onto your roof.

Blocked Tree Roots and Storm Season

By doing these general maintenance steps you can save yourself a substantial amount of hassle and money when the next downpour causes a blocked drain in your house.

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