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The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist That Can Save You Thousands

Everyone know that when it come to your health prevention is better than cure, and the same goes for plumbing.

Knowing your households plumbing systems and their current condition can help prevent any unwanted massive plumbing bills. Although household maintenance can feel like a chore, keeping on top of things will allow you to budget for things like aging water heaters and rusted pipes as you will see the changes.

Ultimate Checklist for Your Household Plumbing

Taking photos of things like aging pipes and water heaters will allow you to accurately track the wear and tear helping plumbers or yourself diagnose the problem making it easier and cheaper to fix.

There are some things you can check on a regular basis to help get a better idea of the quality of your plumbing overtime.

Check Exposed Pipes for leaks

Check all exposed pipes, but especially those that run into walls or concrete slabs, look for discolouration and pools of water, especially near joins and bends in the pipes.

Look for Corrosion in the Pipes

Look for rust and discoloration in the copper seals and shutoff valves. This can mean that they were incorrectly fitted or have sustained damage since you last checked.

Test Your Water Pressure

Low levels of water pressure coming out of your taps can be signs of sediment build up in the tap or shower head or issues with the water line. A good way to test this over time is too put a plug in the sink or bath tub, and fill it up to the same point each time and time how long it takes to fill up. If you notice over a period of months its taking longer to fill to your reference point, then you have a problem developing.

Check Your Drainage Speed

To do this your need to run water and watch how quickly the water goes down the drain, look for a swirling motion in the water, if you can't see swirling and instead you see bubbling you may have a problem. If you have gurgling sounds then it may be a venting problem.

Look for Cracked Tiles around the Sinks, Showers or Near Pipes

Whilst tiles crack for many reasons such as dropping heavy objects on them, it can also be a sign of water rot beneath the tile due to and internal wall leak or water pooling.

Cracked tiles with leaks

Check the inside of the Toilet Cistern

Look to see if there are any parts that are broken such as rubber washers etc. Also while you have the lid off the cistern flush the toilet to check if the water continues to run once the toilet is full.

Check Taps for Leaks

You should check each tap for leaks, whilst some leaks like drips can be obvious and annoying, other coming from the stems and seals around handles etc. can be more subtle.

By checking these things at regular intervals and recording your findings you can usually catch minor plumbing problems when they are cheaper and easier to fix, saving yourself money, stress and a flooded basement down the track. If you come across something that you believe needs attention or you just want a professional opinion on the issue, don't hesitate to call your local plumbers.

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