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Top 3 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak

Top 3 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak

It is vital that if you even suspect you may have a hidden water leak in your house, you find out if the leak is confirmed then call an experienced leak detection plumber. Water damage needs to be tackled as fast as possible as the situation only worsens over time and rises the water bill. As a hidden leak grows, mould begins to grow with it, meaning that you not only have a leak to deal with but also a potential health risk. If you tackle the leak before it escalates out of control there will be less damage to deal with, here are the following signs that you need to be vigilant for…

Musty Odours

The smallest amount of excess water or moisture in your household can create a must odour as it is absorbed into different materials like wood, drywall and furniture. If the leak happens to be located in your walls, they will quickly become compromised with mould growth which could mean complete removal of the whole affected area. If there is a strong musty odour in your home, this may be due to a hidden leak.


Mould is one of the most noticable signs of a hidden leak. Usually when mould is visible, the leak has been there for a long time. Mould grows in places where there is excess moisture; bathrooms, kitchens and basement are the most likely places to be affected and disturbed by mould growth. A leak in the plumbing provides the perfect breeding environment for mould spores to multiply.

Water leak stains

Water Stains

If a leak has gone undetected for quite some time, it may be picked up after a while due to a noticeable water stain growing on the ceiling or walls. These stains occur as a leak gradually worsens and is absorbed into your drywall or wallpaper. These will not stop on their own accord and will increase in size until a qualified plumber is able to resolve the problem.

Some mould and water stains may due to a leaking shower.

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