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Learn How Clearing Your Gutters Could Save You Thousands!

Rain Gutters filled with debris can cause an issue just about anywhere and everywhere in your home. Apart from the fact that it doesn't add any appeal to your home overall, it can be causing serious damage to it without you even knowing at all.

When leaves, sticks and other debris are left to sit in and build up in your storm gutters, they cause a number of problems including water damage to the interior and exterior of your home along with the risk of homing insects, rodents and Mold. But the scary thing is that these wouldn't even be the worst of your issues, the worst would be the debris running down your storm water drain to cause a blockage.

Water damage can be repaired as it would only effect a small portion of your house, Mold and insects can be washed away but when you have a blocked drain … that effects your whole household. From the shower to the toilet and everything in between, having a blocked drain can cause numerous problems that would have been solved with a simple fix of clearing your gutters.

So you have a blocked drain, what do you do next? Well the best thing to do is call a professional to come and clear it for you, as simple as this sounds some customers still make the wrong decision. No matter what plumbing company you go with, it is extremely important they are equipped with the right tools for the job, ensure that they only use newest technology for clearing blocked drains being a High Pressure Water Jetter. Now the reason something as simple as this is so important, is because if your plumber uses something different such as a drain snake or electric eel, they can be destroying your pipes which would cause you even more of a headache. Destroyed pipes means an entry point for tree roots, more blocked drains and in some cases the whole pipe-line needing to be replaced which will cost thousands.

So now you have information overload, the breakdown is as simple as this:

Clear your gutters to prevent water damage inside your home and blocked drains. If you find you have a blocked drain, call a professional plumber who knows what they're doing.

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