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How to Unblock A Sink?

A blocked drain inevitably occurs every so often and a sink or basin or no exception. Wishing for the block to simply go away unfortunately will not make the situation any better, it will require some patience and old-fashioned elbow grease before that can happen. Before you call in your local Jetset Plumbing team, why not give these few handy DIY tips a go and you can save some money and learn a plumbing trick or two.

Unfortunately, many sinks clog because people are not educated about what they can and cannot put down the drain. Some of the biggest causes of kitchen sink blocks comes from people absentmindedly putting coffee grounds, grease and oil down the sink. A good rule to stick to is that if it isn’t a liquid, it shouldn’t be going down the sink. At some point, the grease will solidify in the piping system and the coffee grounds will ball up and also clog.

How to unblock a Sink?

While prevention is the best cure, sometimes it’s too late for that and you need to know how to fix it and now. The first thing to try is a plunger, place it over the drain and make sure it is covered in water so that an airtight seal is created. Pump the handle up and down until the clog is removed. If this doesn’t work, the next step is to try adding three teaspoons of bicarbonate soda and a cup of vinegar. These harmless enzymes will react in the drain and should help unclog those harder blockages.

We do not recommend drain cleaners as they are made up of hazardous chemicals which are not something you want to be willingly bringing into your home. Not only this, they can also damage the internal structure of the pipes which just creates a larger problem.

If you have exhausted all of these tips, it may be time to bring in the professionals. Don’t give up on your DIY dreams just yet because if the blockage hasn’t been cleared then it usually is the sign of a much deeper issue. Jetset Plumbing are a quick-response plumbing company and will be able to fix your clog in a jiffy.

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