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How to Unblock A Shower?

If you are beginning to find that your showers are taking what feels like forever to drain or you are ending your nice, warm and relaxing shower by standing in a few centimetres of gross soapy water – it sounds like your shower has a blockage in the pipe system.

The shower is the most common place for blocked drains to occur and this is simply because a number of activities occur in here such as washing hair or using excessive amounts of soap. If your shower is being used by people with long hair or even multiple people with long hair, your shower is more at risk. This is because the biggest problem can come from this hair going down the drain and clogging up into a ball. The worst thing that some people are guilty of is washing their hair and collecting all the hair that has fallen out into a ball and forcing it down the drain. Other culprits include soap scum and debris that gets washed down the drain and clogs together or in bends in the pipes.

How to unblock a shower?

Hot water is the easiest and cheapest way to help clear shower blockages as it can flush away anything that may be stuck to the inside of the pipes. It is important to note however that boiling water should never be poured down pipes, instead boil a kettle and leave it to sit for at least two minutes before it is poured into the pipes. The catch of this being the easiest and cheapest step is that more often than not, blockages need a little more of a push.

The next solution is to make a concoction of baking soda and vinegar. This natural solution is the best alternative to chemical products as it avoids emitting noxious fumes in your household. The best time to try this remedy is when your shower won’t be needed for at least a couple of hours as this way it has the best opportunity to work at clearing the blockages. After this solution has been left for some time, complete it by pouring a kettle of boiling water that has been left to stand for two minutes down the drain. This will help flush away what is left of the blockage.

If all else fails, you can usually rely on a plunger to unblock your shower as plungers have quite a high success rate. Although plungers are old-fashioned, the reason this has stood the test of time is that it actually works. Ensure that at least the suction pad is covered by water when you begin pumping as this will create an airtight seal.

While a blocked shower can be a hassle, these tips have hopefully unblocked the pipes. If this is not the case, it is a tell-tale sign that there may be something deeper going on and that it is time to bring in the experts. Blocked drains are Jetset Plumbing’s specialty, give us a call today.

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