How To Fix A Leaking Shower: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Fix A Leaking Shower: The Ultimate Guide

How To Fix A Leaking Shower

Though a leaking shower may appear to be a minor problem at first, failing to address it can lead to significant, even hazardous, damage to your home and a costly water bill. Understanding the warning signs and knowing when to seek professional help might just save you time and money.

If you are concerned about a potential leak, or the persistent water drip is driving you insane, call Jetset Plumbing on 1800 443 996. Our plumbers have the ability to locate any shower leaks and fix them quickly and affordably.

What Causes a Leaking Shower Head?

When discussing a shower leak there are two types that you might come across; a leaking shower faucet or a leak in the internal plumbing system. The first we will discuss is the shower tap body. So, what exactly causes a leaky shower tap?

A leaky shower head is typically easy to identify; simply turn off the water and see whether or not the water flow continues to drip. The most important step with these is understanding what is causing the leak in the first place. Some of the most prevalent reasons for a shower leak are as follows:

Damaged Parts

Wear and tear is a major contributor to shower head leaks. Parts decay naturally over time, and your shower head is no exception. Worn out washers, broken rubber O-rings, or rust in the shower valves, are all frequently found to be the root causes of a bathroom drip. Fortunately they are relatively simple to repair.

Incorrect Installation

As with almost every plumbing issue, improper installation is frequently to blame. It could have been the previous owner's DIY endeavour, or it could have been your father stubbornly insisting that he could replace the shower head for you. Either way, one element being slightly out of position might be the cause of a repetitive drip echoing throughout your home.


The build-up of mineral deposits is also a major cause of a leaky shower head. This is especially prevalent in locations with hard water.

Hard water indicates that the water in that location contains a high mineral content level. When the water evaporates, it can leave behind a white coating of these minerals, known as limescale. This build-up can be easily removed, but if left too long, it will most likely result in a shower leak.

Leaking Shower

What Causes a Leaking Shower

A shower leak can often be the consequence of a much greater issue. Shower leaks, while they can be caused by minor problems, typically indicate a bigger plumbing problem in the water pipes. They are also significantly more difficult to detect and might not become noticeable until you start seeing signs of physical damage.

Two of the most common reasons for shower leaks are as follows:

Pipe Problems

As with all water fixtures in your house, the shower's water is supplied by a network of pipes, valves, and connectors. A problem with one of them could result in a leak.

For example, if a pipe cracks or bursts due to pressure buildup, water will begin to flow out, but you may not notice the leak until structural damage appears. As well as this, a leak can also be caused by a connector coming loose.

Paint bubbling, watermarks appearing on the walls and ceilings, mould development, or even gaps in the silicone around the shower screens are all warning signals that can alert you to a deeper issue. In any instance, the easiest way to address this type of leak is to shut off the water at the main and call an emergency plumber.

Blocked drains

Now this one causes more of a flood than a leak.

Blocked drains are an inconvenience and can have a variety of negative consequences. In this instance, a flooded shower floor. But why does this happen?

Have you ever washed your hair and watched as strands of it slide down the drain? Hair strands might seem harmless at first, but overtime, they can form clumps and begin to trap other dirt and scum being washed down the drain. This can halt the water flow and cause a lag in the drainage, resulting in puddles on your shower floor or, worse, an overflow.

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Blocked Drain Leak

Fixing the Leak

While some of these leaks can be fixed by simply cleaning out the shower head or replacing a small element, it is always best to contact your local plumber for assistance. It might sound appealing to buy a quick-fix DIY kit and handle it yourself, but plumbing, if done poorly, is nearly always guaranteed to cause further problems later on.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast leak detection professionals at Jetset Plumbing are trained in real-life scenarios so that they are completely prepared before arriving at your property. Not only that, they are also fully licensed and qualified plumbers, which means they will be able to repair the leak at the same time, providing you with some much needed peace of mind.

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