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Why Is Rusty Water Coming Out Of My Hot Water System?

Hot Water System is rusty

When rusty water comes out of taps and faucets it is easy to freak out instantly, what you need to keep in mind though, is that rusty looking water can come out of a tap after plumbing work has been recently carried out of if there have been recent heavy rains.

In this instance, the water is only temporarily discoloured due to water in the pipes getting stirred up. Actual rusty water, on the other hand, is when the water is looking red or brown in colour and does not just happen as a once off, this is an indicator that the inside of your hot water system is rusting and the rust particles are coming through your lines.

Eventually, rusty water will lead to multiple leaks in your plumbing system and when that happens, the cost of repairs can become quite costly.

Rather than seeing rusty water and thinking this is instantly bad news, treat it as a heads up that you are getting an advanced signal that you need to prepare to replace your hot water system.

Generally speaking, a hot water system should last around 10 years, if the time is almost up for your own system, keep an eye out for changes in water colour and start preparing for the need to get a new hot water system. Saving a little each week is not a bad idea as it can be quite costly and inconvenient if you need to replace your hot water system unexpectedly and urgently.

Why Is Rusty Water Coming Out Of My Hot Water System?

While the actual hot water system itself should last for 10 years, anodes within the hot water system only last between 3.5 to 5 years. An anode is a metal rod, normally made from aluminum or magnesium and coated in zinc, which hangs down inside a hot water system.

Over time, a rusting water hot water system will cause problems which are typically more expensive to resolve than the cost of simply replacing the anode. Regular anode replacement guarantees your hot water system to operate as it should, which will end up saving you more money in the long term.

If your hot water system is nearing or over 10 years old and/or if your anode is around 4 years old, we at Jetset Plumbing suggest that you contact us so we can best advise as to where you are at in replacement for your hot water system and its parts.

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