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Why Do I Have A Smelly Bathroom?

Have you cleaned your bathroom repeatedly until your bathroom (and toilet) is sparkling clean and yet you still can’t get rid of that foul sewer smell? We have all been here before and no matter how many products you use or how often you clean it, sometimes the smell just will not go away. Here are a few explanations as to why your toilet is smelling like sewage...

Does your bathroom smell

1. Water In The P-Trap Has Evaporated

A P-Trap is a section of piping that is shaped like a “U”. Normally, a small amount of water always remains in the P-Trap after flushing the toilet, emptying the bath and turning off the tap. The water that remains essentially acts as a barrier to stop sewer gases from stinking out the bathroom. An easy way to refill the P-Trap is to pour about a litre of water down each drain in the bathroom, this should fill the P-Trap back up and have your bathroom smelling fresh. It’s perfectly common to hear a gurgling sound from the drain after you do this. However, if the smell doesn’t go away after you do this, there may be something else that is to blame for the odour.

2. Poorly Installed Or Cracked Vent Pipe

Another explanation for a foul-smelling bathroom could be something to do with a poorly installed or cracked vent pipe. A vent pipe is designed to send odours outside your home, so you don’t have to smell them, but, sometimes a plumber can make the mistake of putting the pipes in the wrong place which is why the smell is noticeable. A crack in the vent pipe allows odour to spill out and stink out the bathroom. If you can determine that the smell seems to be coming from a wall, it is likely that there is an issue with your vent pipe. A professional plumber will be able to find the crack and fix it or re-install the pipes correctly to fix the smell.

Cracked Vent in bathrooms

3. Leaking Wax Seal

Another contributing factor to your bathroom’s smell may be that the wax seal that seals the toilet to the floor is broken. Both improper installation and general wear and tear can cause malfunctions in the seal. When this occurs, whatever waste is in the toilet can leak onto the floor behind the toilet, resulting in the bad odour. Replacing the faulty seal is an easy job that can be done in no time at all by a professional plumber.

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