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What Does a CCTV Drain Camera Actually Do?

Drain inspection cameras, also known as sewer cameras or pipe inspection cameras, have contributed to the continuous modernisation of the plumbing industry. These cameras allow our plumbers to visually inspect a plumbing system without having to physically dig any holes.

At Jetset Plumbing, we utilise this cutting-edge technology to assist in identifying the source of a blocked drain or damaged pipe system. From the visuals obtained by the drain camera, our plumbers are able to propose a cost effective and efficient solution specifically tailored to the apparent plumbing problem.

What Does a CCTV Drain Camera Actually Do?

What is a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection?

A CCTV drain camera inspection is a fairly simple process. A small camera is typically placed inside a drain or pipe, and the resulting footage is then displayed on a surface monitor. This method allows our plumbers to pinpoint the location of any obstructions as well as any additional problems such as cracks, leaks, or corroded pipes.

When is a Drain Camera Inspection Needed?

Locating Blocked Drains

A CCTV drain inspection can help with diagnosing the cause of a blocked drain. The real time footage allows plumbers to see whether the blockage is being caused by tree roots, greases and fats, cracked pipes, collapsed pipes, or foreign objects that have become stuck. This information is vital when it comes to creating a solution.

Assessing Current Condition

Regular maintenance drain camera inspections are great for the early detection of possible problems. Often, the plumber will clear the pipe system using a high pressure water jetter before employing the CCTV drain camera to assess the condition of the pipes.

These inspections can help pick up on a number of initial issues that, if left too long, could become major problems. For example, a small hairline crack may not seem significant, but it can very easily lead to a tree root infestation.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection

When it comes to buying a new home, most people will be on top of scheduling building inspections; however, this does not typically cover any underground plumbing inspections. This is often a significant oversight for any home buyer, as drain and pipe repairs can be costly, especially if substantial rebuilds are required.

With homes being a major investment, it is best to collect all the necessary information before signing any contracts. At Jetset Plumbing, we use CCTV drain cameras as part of our pre-purchase plumbing inspections, so we can provide you with an accurate idea of what you are really buying into.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

How a Drain Camera Inspection Works

When starting the inspection your plumber will externally assess the problem before finding the closest available access point to your stormwater drains or sewer lines.

Once the access point is found, the plumber will insert the camera into the drain or pipe opening, before gradually feeding it through the pipe system. Depending on the anticipated problem a high pressure water jetter might be used to clear the drain of any loose debris that could block the camera's path first.

Once the camera is in the pipe system, video footage will be captured and shown in real time on a monitor, allowing the plumber to thoroughly inspect and locate the possible problem. This footage also gives the plumber a chance to analyse what repairs have previously been made, if any, before deciding on a solution.

If you are having problems with your water pipes or sewer lines, call Jetset Plumbing on 1800 443 996 and book in a drain camera inspection today.

How a Drain Camera Inspection Works

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