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5 Of The Most Common Household Plumbing Issues And How You Can Avoid Them

Most common house plumbing problems

Plumbers are called out to households for all sorts of reasons, some major like flooded basements and other more common like a leaky tap or shower head. But there are five reasons people call a plumber that are by far more common than others.

05.Repairing DIY Jobs

Plumbers are often called out to repair DIY Job's quite often when someone tries to fix their own plumbing they incorrectly diagnose the initial issue and end up cause more problems in the long run. The easiest way to avoid being caught out in this group is to call a plumber unless you are 100% sure of what the issue is and that you can fix it. It's not worth the potential risk.

04.Hot Water Heater Repairs

Plumbers are often called out to replace hot water heaters, an average hot water heater should last between 5 and 15 years and shouldn't need much maintenance in that time. But if your water heater is too small for you household, or was not installed correctly to start with it can cause issues. To avoid a water heater burning out on you, or a rupture, insure that it is installed by a professional plumber, and that it is big enough for your needs.

03.Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in Homes

Everyone has had a blocked drain in their life, and every plumber has had to unblock hundreds of them. There are dozens of reasons that a drain can become blocked like, insufficient gradients, collapsed pipes, flushed foreign objects and damage from tree roots. To prevent these issues you can insure you only flush things that should be flushed and plant trees responsibly away from vital plumbing.

02.Toilet Issues

Toilets are vital for every household and business and are a staple of every plumbers work day. Common call outs for plumbers are things such as constantly running toilets, blocked toilets and leaks. To prevent issues with toilets never use in cistern cleaners (these can cause corrosion and wear on parts) only use in bowl cleaners. Also insure all that is being flushed, is toilet paper and human waste nothing else.

01.Leaky Taps

Taps leaking inside homes

Everyone gets leaky taps, you probably have one right now, and plumbers see hundreds of them a year. Leaky taps can be expensive, noisy and driver you crazy. And whilst they can be easy to fix, if not done correctly the first time you can cause exponentially more damage. To avoid issues with leaky taps try not to over tighten the tap when turning it off all though it's tempting to turn taps as far as they can be turned to insure it doesn't leak, this causes damage to the washers and O-rings and causes the initial leaks.

Many plumbers still use outdated technologies such as drain snakes to unclog blockages which can cause damage to the pipes. Jetset Plumbing recommends the use of High pressure water jetters instead and recommends you do your research on a plumber before you hire them for any major works.

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