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We are all on high alert!

With over 130 bush fires currently burning across the East Coast, it has hit home for a lot of us.

Friends of ours have had to be evacuated from their homes, leaving all their possessions behind. Some families have decided to stay and fight the fire for their home, whilst others have decided to leave everything behind. Our thoughts go out to all those involved.

The effect these fires have had on a lot of families is truly devastating with Queensland being hit with some of the worst bush fires in recent memory.

QLD Bushfires

Our local firefighters are doing their best tackling these fires with full force. We are are so thankful for all the lives they have saved in such a disastrous time.

They are our local heroes.

Supporting the community

These fearless fire fighters and struggling families are in our thoughts as they battle the numerous fires across the region. We will be supporting those in need of the recent bush fire disaster through the help of the Rural Fire Brigade.

The donation will go towards helping the communities that have been affected by providing them with the much needed supplies to help aid them in their time of need, as well as helping with supplies for those who are out there battling these fires whilst we are all sleeping.

We hope everyone stays safe and get to go home soon.

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