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Saxon Water Heaters to Close Doors!

We receive calls from our valued customers quite regularly regarding Saxon Hot Water Heaters, specifically attempts to repair their existing heater. Often we have to be the bearer of bad news and explain that parts are no longer available for these heaters and the majority of the time require the heater to be replaced as they cannot be repaired. Please give us a call and we can advise you on whether your heater can be repaired or give you a quote on a new installation. Call 1300 JET SET or 1800 443 996.

“Peter Sachs Industries ceases trading The board of Peter Sachs Industries Pty Ltd (Saxon) wishes to announce that it has appointed Worrells and placed the company into voluntary liquidation on 14 June 2011 and is no longer trading. The Peter Sachs Industries Board believes that this action is a direct result of rapidly declining profitability and the market for its solar water heater products. This has been occasioned by the upsurge of electricity generating photovoltaic electric solar panels and the declining value of Renewable Energy Certificates now known as STC's. Effectively immediately MPAQ is unable to accept Saxon Rebate Vouchers from members for payment of their MPAQ account. If you would like to contact Worrells the liquidator please phone 3225 4300 or email”