Rinnai Error Codes

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Rinnai Error Codes And Troubleshooting Guide

Here are the most common error codes for Rinnai hot water systems and exactly how to fix them. While Rinnai hot water heaters are some of the most advanced systems, they still play up sometimes and need maintaining.

Rinnai Error Codes

CODE: 03

Problem: When the temperature controller is used to fill the bath, there is no water flow when the power is turned back on.

Solution: Turn the water flow on the hot water taps off. Press the on/off button twice more.

CODE: 05

Problem: Bypass Servo

Solution: Turn the power off for 30 seconds, turn it back on. If 05 error code is displayed again, the bypass valve is damaged and will have to be replaced.

CODE: 10

Problem: Little to no air supply to the water heater or the gases are obstructed.

Solution: Check whether the proper Rinnai venting is being used and that there are no obstructions. Check the vents and fans to ensure they are clean.

CODE: 11

Problem: No ignition gas on burner.

Solution: Check the gas burner for debris and dirt, remove any if found.

CODE: 12

Problem: Flame is not working.

Solution: Clear the flame rod and burner from build-up. Ensure there is no obstruction in the vents.

CODE: 14

Problem: Reaction with thermal fuse due to excessive temperature.

Solution: Clean any obstructions in the vents or water flow system – if cool air is not able to come through, the temperature will increase too quickly and cause damage.

CODE: 19

Problem: The water system has short-circuited.

Solution: We recommend calling a plumber as soon as possible as this involves electrical circuits.

CODE: 31

Problem: Burner sensor error.

Solution: A plumber will need to replace the sensor if it is faulty or adjust the resistance valve.

CODE: 33

Problem: Defective heat exchange sensor.

Solution: Clean build-up on the sensor, if this does not work, the sensors will have to be replaced.

CODE: 57

Problem: Burner overheat bi-metal switch does not work.

Solution: Check that the water pressure is set correctly.

CODE: 71

Problem: Solenoid valve problem.

Solution: A qualified technician will need to replace the electronic board.

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