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Prepare Your Plumbing When Selling Your House

As you prepare to sell your home, you'll want to make sure that it is in its top shape to attract buyers. You'll probably read a lot of tips as you get started, telling you how to make your property look more attractive through cleaning or staging. These are important aspects to consider, because they can help you polish your home to give a good first impression to potential buyers. Yet, if there are flaws in your home that can't be fixed with polish alone, you'll also want to think about a few simple repairs.

Bathroom Repairs

One massive area of the home is the bathroom, which is where family members spend a lot of time. The high moisture content and frequent use of the bathroom makes it more prone to damage than other areas, so pay special attention to this part of the house. We recommend to:
Replace or repair leaky taps
Put down new grouting if necessary and replace sealant around areas like the toilet, shower, and sink to help keep moisture out
Repair or replace damaged and chipped tiles on the floors, walls, and other surfaces
Give the bathroom an instant upgrade with a new toilet seat and shower curtain

Bathroom repairs list

Kitchen Repairs

The kitchen is also another area where family and visitors spend a lot of time, whether it is preparing food, cleaning or eating. Kitchen's can make or break homes when it comes to selling as this area is one of the first things that people see.
Replace or repair old, leaky taps
Check your dishwasher to see that it is in, correct working order and relatively modern
Visually inspect drains for blockages or foul odours — telltale signs of a blocked drain

Outdoor Repairs

Whether your home has a large or small outdoor space with a pool or deck and grass, it is important to have everything in correct working order before selling.
Replace or repair old, leaky taps
Check your pool pump and water tank for leakages

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