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Learn how to save BIG this Winter!

One massive mistake most homeowners are making is that they aren't maintaining or taking care of their Hot Water Systems.

Save big this winter

Now most people I know have been lucky and haven't had to replace their Hot Water System in the last few years, however, they are more than likely the ones to be spending a lot more on their home and electricity.

Right now is a perfect example, it's the middle of Winter, our Hot Water Systems are working harder than ever to keep up with the constant strain of producing hot water all day long. Those with recently installed Hot Water systems are better off due to the age of the system, but also one very fine, intricate detail. These new systems should be equipped with insulation around the standard copper pipes allowing for the pipes to retain much more heat.

Think about this, let's say your copper pipes aren't insulated, with the freshness in the winter air they are sure to be effected. So when you add that with the constant strain of having to produce hot water for our showers, the two work with one another to produce even more strain on your Hot Water Systems.

When the Hot Water System is under pressure it consumes more energy meaning bigger utility and energy bills.

Bigger utility energy bills

So how do you beat the price hike?

First things first, most Hot Water Systems are generally expected to last between 8-10 years depending on where you live, so if your Hot Water System is over 10 years old, the best option would be to consider getting it replaced, asap, so you don't run into any issues in the short-term future. Now according to recent studies, one of the most reliable hot water systems on the market is the Vulcan Range and in terms of owner feedback the Aquamax Range are the highest scoring.


However, when deciding on what hot water system type to go with, it is best you chat with your plumber installing it to ensure you make an educated decision.

Therefore, If you have a Hot Water System that is in perfecting working order, ensure that it is equipped with insulation around the copper pipes that way you know you won't be loosing any hot water.

It is these simple little tips and tricks that will make all the difference. If you want to save yourself a fortune in the next few years, these are the investments you need to be making to your home. Once the winter has passed through and your utility bills have dropped you can start preparing for Spring. Here is the spring cleaning plumbing checklist.


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