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Leaking toilet? The Hidden Costs You Don't Know About!

We've all heard that annoying sound in the middle of the night, you know the one, it makes you toss and turn in your sleep. The gurgling noises, of what you think could be someone's stomach, but in reality it's actually your toilet sucking more water into it refilling itself for the next flush. But there was no one who used the toilet to make it need to be refilled? Strange right? I just had this problem in my home quite recently, for a long time too, without actually realising what it's doing.

Hidden Toilet Leaks costs

In a way, it makes you feel a bit crazy when you're constantly waking up in the middle of the night hearing those noises, but when you speak to other people in your house they don't have a clue what you're going on about, or at the least they don't care.

So what's actually happening is, every time you hear those gurgling noises, the back of your toilet is filling up and getting ready to be flushed. You tend to hear those noises just after you flush it however, the reason why you are hearing those noises all the time regardless of whether or not it is being used is due to the water leaking into the bowl.

The sooner you fix it the more money you will save. There's no use in waiting around and letting your toilet fill itself up when it's not being used. For an average toilet it uses around 8 litres per flush, an average household uses 64 litres per day just on the toilet. If your toilet has a slow leak and fills up an extra 4 times a day that's an extra 32 litres a day. This means your toilet is wasting 11,680 litres of water every single year. That's half a year's worth of water just being wasted away.

Leaking toilet will lose money

Now if you were to attempt to do some DIY to try and solve it yourself, I suggest you use a licensed plumber. By the time you get an understanding of what needs to be done and you get the parts that you need and go through all the hassle of fixing it only to turn the water back on and realise your bathroom is now flooded, it would just be worth going the quick and easy route of calling a professional. I wish I had called someone rather than fixing the mess I made. So don't wait on fixing your leaking toilet, it could cost you thousands.

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