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Jetset Plumbing's X-Rray Vision Drain Cameras

Jetset Plumbing uses Drain Cameras and High Pressure Water Jetters to diagnose and clear blocked drains. The most innovative unclogging drain technology is the CCTV Drain Camera. When we go out to a blocked drain the first part of any job is to find out what is causing the blockage. We do this by feeding a CCTV drain camera down the pipe.

Clogged Drain Technology

The camera sends the live feed onto a screen beside the plumber who is feeding the drain camera into the pipe.

The greatest advantage is you can see the condition of the pipe from the inside, you can see whether the line is broken, collapsed or tree roots entering the pipe this method takes all the guess work out of diagnosing a blocked drain.

A CCTV drain camera can go up to 100 metres (300 feet) down a pipe which will cover the majority of residential dwellings.

The footage can also be stored on a DVD for future reference, or if the customer is not at home. Storing the footage is great for home owners and real estate agents to have a documented copy of the properties plumbing.

The cameras Jetset Plumbing use have a sensor on the tip of the camera this tells the plumber the precise location of the camera using our locating machine. The plumber waves the locating machine over the ground and can mark exactly where the blockage is.

X-Ray Vision Drain Cameras

Some plumbers still don't have drain cameras and use the older technology such as an electric eel also known as a drain snake to diagnose a blocked drain which is basically guess work.

You send the electric eel down the pipe and when it stops that is the "indication" there is a blockage, as you can imagine this would be very difficult and requires luck and guessing.

This is not the only disadvantage to using the older electric eel method, when the electric eel is inserted down the pipe it can damage the pipe walls further because the plumber cannot actually see where the electric eel is going.

So make sure that when you call a plumber in to fix your blocked drain he is fully equipped with the latest tools, this will save you precious time and money on labour!

Not to mention the possibilities of further damage to your home's plumbing system.

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