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How To Save On Your Water Bills

Reducing your spend on your water bills may not be the first thought that came to mind as a big way to save money, but every little bit counts. You may not even realise that you are paying top-dollar for your water bill if you have always been paying high rates. There are a few nifty ways to get the bill down and we have detailed out the best ones to follow:

How to save on your water bill

1. Fill Up A Jug Of Water And Put It In The Fridge

Instead of waiting for the tap to run cold every time you want a glass of water, it is a good idea to fill up one or two jugs and place them in the fridge. This way, when you finish one jug you can refill it and use the back-up for your fill of water.

2. Time Your Showers

By timing your showers, you can become more aware of how much time you spend in there, it may surprise you just how quickly time can get away from you. If you are spending more than five minutes in the shower, it may be time to reassess the need for this and if you can shorten them. If a family of five spends just four minutes in the shower each day you can reduce your water by at least $100 per quarter.

3. Don’t Let The Tap Run When You Are Shaving Or Brushing Your Teeth

A quick way to waste a lot of water is by letting the tap run when you shave or brush your teeth. Fill up a cup of water before you do any of these tasks, so you can rinse your razor every so often or rinse your toothbrush when needed.

4. Make Sure That Your Appliances Are Water-Efficient

If you are living in an older house, chances are your taps, toilet and shower-heads are not water-efficient. Even though installing these efficient appliances will cost some money, it will save you in the long run with the cost of your water bill and the inevitable replacement of these old items.

Save on your next water bill

5. Don’t Hand Wash Your Dishes

As odd as it may seem, a full load in the dishwasher uses less than a sixth of the water it is required to hand wash dishes. Many people leave the tap running when rinsing dishes or fill the sink up unnecessarily full wish just results in water loss.

While all of these steps are seemingly insignificant in the big picture, they will actually save you a fair bit in the long run meaning that you have more money for the things you want.

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