How Long Will Your Hot Water System Last?

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How Long Will Your Hot Water System Last?

How Long Will Your Hot Water System Last?

The utility and comfort of your home is greatly influenced by your hot water system. So, when looking to buy a new water heater, you want to ensure you are buying a system that is set to last. In order to help you choose the best type of hot water system for your needs, we have created the following guide.

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4 Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Hot Water Systems

The lifespan of a hot water system can depend on a variety of different factors. However the most common factors that can affect the longevity of a hot water system are; type, brand quality, usage, and water quality.

The Type

The type of hot water system you have is a major factor determining how long it's going to last. The majority of systems include:

  • Electric hot water systems
  • Gas hot water system
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Instant hot water systems

Electric Hot Water System

These systems work by heating water via an electric heating element located within the storage tank. The typical lifespan of an electric hot water system is 10 to 15 years.

Gas Hot Water System

This system uses a gas burner to heat the water in the storage tank. A gas hot water system will last around 8 to 12 years.

Solar Hot Water System

This hot water system uses solar energy to heat the water. Solar hot water systems fall into two types of designs; flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes.

Flat plate collectors consist of a shallow rectangular box, made from a dark aluminium body, covered by a glass panel containing copper pipes that'll heat the water.

Evacuation tube solar collectors use vacuum-sealed tubes containing copper pipes and heat-absorbing plates.

Solar hot water systems typically last between 10 to 20 years.

Instant Hot Water System

For instant hot water systems, there are both electric and gas variants available.

These water heaters work by heating the water as it passes through a system of coiled copper pipes. This means water is only heated when there is an immediate demand. Both gas and electric instant hot water systems will last for about 20 years.

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Brand Quality

Not all manufacturers are the same. When comparing brands, it is clear that there are a key few who stand out as having a better reputation for creating hot water systems that are both high quality and long lasting. It is best to consider your hot water system an investment and pick the most reputable brand.

When researching for those few top brands, you can take advantage of online reviews, but the best authority on the subject will always be your local plumber.


As is common for most machines, the more a hot water system is used, the more wear and tear it will endure. Under heavy use, even the highest quality water systems will degrade at a faster rate. In order to extend the lifespan of your water heater, it is important that you are selecting the correct size for your home.

A qualified plumber will be able to determine the best size for you based on a few factors; the number of people living in the home, the size of the building, and the necessary water output for showers and other appliances.

Water Quality

The longevity of your hot water system is impacted by the quality of the water, which is not something that most people typically consider. The area in which you live can have a significant effect on the quality of your water, with the water in some places containing excessive amounts of iron and other minerals. This is generally referred to as "hard water" and can play a role in shortening the lifespan of your hot water system. This is because hard water can cause parts within the water heater to corrode faster.

How To Increase the Lifespan of Your Hot Water System

The very first step in optimising the longevity of your hot water system is to ensure it's properly installed by a reputable plumber. After the installation, make sure it gets regular maintenance, so any possible issues with the system are found before they become serious.

One thing you can do that could add a couple of years to your system is to replace the sacrificial anode. This anode is used to attract the minerals from the water, preventing any corrosion in the tank. In any case, the best way to increase the lifespan of your hot water system is by having it regularly serviced by a professional plumber.

At Jetset Plumbing, our expert technicians are specialists in hot water system installation and maintenance. So, if your system is up for a check, call us on 1800 443 996.

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