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Find Out If Your Home Has Hidden Secrets

You've arranged a time to meet with the Real Estate Agent to inspect your dream home, everything looks wonderful, the paint is fresh and clean and you have a really good feeling about this one. You discuss the purchase with your partner and decide to go ahead and get the Building and Pest Inspection done which comes up flawless. But wait… you still feel a little on edge have you remembered everything? The answer is probably no. The problem is no one is there to tell you. Let me tell you now, you absolutely must get a plumbing inspection !

So why get a plumbing inspection done? A sewer and storm water inspection is one of the most important components to a plumbing inspection and for good reason! If a problem does occur a sewer or storm water replacement can range from $600 to $15,000 to repair.

Does your home have hidden secrets

“Only a few months after our purchase, we we're left with a $14,000” sewer repair says Debra Hollywell of Northgate in Brisbane. “We only looked at a few houses before we found our dream home, it's a beautiful old Queenslander with great big trees in the front yard which turned out to be the problem. The tree root had broken the pipes under the concrete and caused serious damage.”

Sewer repairs are all too common, pipes collapsing, tree roots infiltrating the pipes and concrete or debris in the line. A simple Plumbing Inspection by Jetset Plumbing will reveal these faults and before you get stuck with them you can the report to negotiate.

For more information on our comprehensive Plumbing Inspections view our Plumbing Inspection page or call us for more information on 1800 443 996. This information provided to you by Jetset Plumbing.

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