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Pipe Relining - A New Solution To Repair Broken Pipes

6 Steps To Jetset's Relining Process

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Have you got a broken pipe? Or perhaps a blocked drain that needs clearing and permanently fixing?

The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is having to dig up the old pipes. Well there may be an alternative solution - pipe relining.

Pipe Relining cross section

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the latest technological solution to rehabilitating damaged drain and sewer lines underground - without the need for costly and damaging digging and excavation.

We call it the "No Digging" method of pipe repair.

When an existing pipe or drain develops a leak or cracks - you can use the pipe relining method to fix and repair the pipe.

Cracks and leaks in your pipes are commonly caused by tree roots making their way into the pipe and growing. This will also cause repeated occurrences of your drain blocking.

Normally when you have a blocked drain - the plumber will remove the obstruction and allow your pipes to flow freely. However the issue is that the tree roots can grow back and cause another blockage in the near future.

If your pipes are blocked or cracked, to repair them may require digging up your lawn. Sometimes the pipes may be in a difficult spot - such as under your driveway or patio. This can lead to all sorts of headaches! The pipe relining process gets around these issues by repairing the pipes without the need to dig or excavate.

This pipe relining method can save you time and money - not mention the fact of not having to tear up your lawn or driveway.

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How does pipe relining work?

At Jetset Plumbing - our highly skilled plumbers will identify where the leak, blockage or cracked pipes are.

The plumber will then clear and clean the pipe using a high pressure water jetter. Our water jetters run at 5000 psi - so it will cut away any tree roots and blockages and leave your pipe clean.

Fixing broken pipes with pipe relining

Once your pipe is clean - the plumber will place an epoxy lining inside of the existing pipe, and then forcing it to the sides of the pipe where it forms the shape of the new pipe.

This lining is then expanded using a bladder filled with compressed air. This pushes the epoxy resin firmly against the inside of the pipe. The sleeve is then left to cure forming a brand new pipe within the pipe. It is a hard and impenetrable barrier.

The bladder is then removed from the pipe and you're all set. No more broken or blocked pipes! And no digging!

Advantages over other pipe relining methods

There are a few different methods of pipe relining. Other plumbers use a technique where the pipe is is just resleeved with a lining and hardened.

This isn't as effective, as there is a gap between the original pipe and the new pipe. This allows tree roots to still enter the original pipe and cause further damage.

We use the ultimate in relining systems with the highest quality relining solution on the market. We always use official Watermark Approved Brawoliner relining products.

Our systems and solutions are unsurpassed in terms of being able to repair around bends of up to 90 degrees, repair satellite junctions, and provide repairs with quality, precision and the lowest failure rate in practical application.

The resin itself is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion while remaining environmentally friendly - it has a durability of over 50 years!

So choose the best solution for your cracked pipes with Jetset Plumbing. Call us now and find out how we can help you with pipe relining.

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