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Why is My Drain Making Gurgling Sound?

Often when we are called out to blocked drains, customers tell us that they hear gurgling or bubbling noises in the weeks and month leading up the blockage occurring. What the customers don’t realise is that this means the drain has been blocked for a while already they just don’t realise it.

Storm Season Means Blocked Drains, What You Can Do To Prevent Them

With the wet week Brisbane is currently having and it being the first major rain of the season it is inevitable that downpipes and storm water drain are going to have blockages. After the drier winter months leaf litter and loose top soil shifts during heavy rain are likely to have run off into your downpipes and drains.

Top 5 Common Household Methods You Definitely Shouldn’t Use to Clear A Blocked Drain

When it comes to unblocked a blocked drain there are 100’s of DIY methods and home remedies and whilst some of these may work in very particular cases, some of them are downright dangerous and have the potential to damage your pipes and injure yourself or any future plumbers working on your drains. It is always best to call a plumber for a blocked drain as you never know, what is causing the blockage, or how it will react to you method of unblocking the drain.

DIY Plumbing Do’s and Don’ts for the Summer Break

With the Christmas / New Year break just around the corner a lot of home DIY weekend warriors are preparing to tackle jobs that they have been putting off all year. What most of these people are not aware of is that under Queensland state law what you legally can do yourself in regards to plumbing is very limiting.

Billionaire Bloomberg Says to Skip College and Become a Plumber

Michael Bloomberg, former mayor or New York and founder of Bloomberg L.P. a world renowned financial services and media company has stated “Today if your kid wants to go to college or become a plumber, you’ve got to think long and hard,” during a meeting of the Wall Street trade group SIFMA on November 10th.

Scary Nightmare Plumbing Stories for Halloween

We have all heard of plumbing nightmares, maybe you have had friends or family have something go majorly wrong, maybe it was you? Some of these stories from around the world seem too over the top to be true, but they are entertaining none the less.

Bad Bathroom Odour’s? Your Plumber Can Help!

Bathrooms and toilets are parts of the hygiene of our daily lives, and because of this they get a large number of things such as dead skin, hair, oils, human waste and saliva washed down them every day. Your plumbing thanks to things like p-traps and vents are designed in such a way that the bad smell of these human waste products and the smell of the sewer that the pipes are connected to don’t travel back up the drain and into you house.

How to Become a Plumber, Top Tips for the Future Plumber

All across the country there is a shortage of Plumbers with skilled workers in high demand. A quick search on shows that nationwide there are 100’s of positions currently available. So why is there such a skill shortage? A large part of it is due to the fact that many high school students are miss informed as to what a plumber and does and believes that the skills required are all physical and no brains. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, when becoming a plumber you learn about physics, hydrodynamics and business, all while getting paid on the job.

The 5 Most Common Household Plumbing Problems, and How to Prevent Them

Plumbers are called out to households for all sorts of reasons, some major like flooded basements and other more common like a leaky tap or shower head. But there are five reasons people call a plumber that are by far more common than others.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Flush, But Probably Do

People everywhere flush things down the toilet that should never have been flushed, whether it’s to dispose of something disgusting, hide something embarrassing or give your beloved gold fish the send-off he deserves people have flushed some extremely unusual things down toilets in the past. Whilst all these things seem small enough to go down the drain, as soon as you have a crack, a rough surface or anything in your pipe these items can get snagged or hooked on, they become an ever growing blockage that needs to be fixed. Now Jetset Plumbing list the 10 things you shouldn’t flush, but probably do.